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2.1 sec

2.1 seconds is wrong. It depends on the race track length and the specific rules for the race. There are as many different tracks and rule sets as there are Packs, Districts and Councils. There is not one standard for any rules or tracks. The accepted standard for the Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby is from the PDDR(Pinewood Derby Drag Racing), a National Pine Wood Derby Racing organization that has weekly and monthly races as well as a National Championship in August of each year. They have many different classifications with many different rules. The Pure Stock division is widely accepted rule set for a vast majority of the true Pack Pine Wood Derby. The rules state that the car must be created solely from an official BSA kit with little or no modifications to the wheels. The Official Track is a "Best Track" 42' aluminum PWD race track, equipped with the latest computer controlled start/finish equipment.

The Current World Record for a Pure Stock gravity car is 2.898 seconds as of 12/17/2010.

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Q: What is the world record for a pine wood derby car?
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