What is there to do in Delaware?

Delaware is a popular city, for its historical landmarks, being the second smallest state in the us, and for its popular restaurants such as De Brown Frown, it is a restaurant ran by top chefs but mostly by James Brown, they serve very Delicious and inviting food, i is a nonsmoking place, it is very big and always crowded. They are most popular from serving food from different cultures, you have Asian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and much more. they have a very kid friendly kids meal and have all the common foods plus more! they give kids a free bucket filled with an De Brown Frown hat, a pack of chocolate frown balls, and a pack of scented crayons. even though, they serve a lot of food and give away awesome stuff to the kids the price for an average family of five is 30.00, and that's if they all get steak.