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A U.S. federal trademark application is published for opposition after the examiner is satisfied that the application meets the basic criteria for registration. This preliminary examination period will vary according to the complexity of the application and how busy that section of the examiner's office is, as well as how quickly the applicant responds to the various objections. It typically takes a few weeks to become published after the applicant is notified of the approval for publication ("notice of allowance"), or after the applicant has submitted a required "statement of use" (which can be extended up to 24 months if the mark is not yet in actual use in US commerce).

Once published in the official gazette, potential opponents have thirty days in which to file either an opposition or a request for an extension of time for filing their opposition. There are other complex rules for some types of international applications.

If there is no opposition, or any opposition is overcome, the registration is issued within a month or two.

In summary, it could take a few months or two years for substantive examination (and amendments), over two more years to submit the necessary statement of use, four months of waiting for publication and opposition, two years to deal with the opposition and a few months to have the registration issued. Or it could all happen in six months.
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