What is too weak to move?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is too weak to move?
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Why does all animal die without food water and air?

cause they get boney adn there too weak to move and they died

When Vegeta blasted Nappa why didn't Nappa try to block it?

Nappa was far too weak the blast was too fast for him to me able to move/block even if he was at full power.

Why were east African's too weak to resist European countries?

European countries had far move advanced weaponary and technology than the Africans had.

What is Mewtwo weak against?

Mewtwo is weak against any bug type move, any dark type move and any ghost type move.

What is aerodactyl weak against?

Aerodactyl is weak against any water type move, any ice type move, any rock type move, any electric type move.

Why do people suffer from wasted muscles when they are suffering from starvation?

because they are too weak to move so their muscles waste away because they are not being used. :)

What did shays rebellion make clear to the states?

It proved that the Article of Confederation were too weak. The govenment was too weak to do anything.

Why do plankton drift with the currents?

They are too weak and small to fight against the current.

How did Scott die?

he died because he was too cold and he was too weak

When will the earth's atmosphere become too weak?

The earth's atmosphere becomes too weak when the release of CFC's become greater, thus, destroying the ozone layer of the earth that was protecting us from the harmful UV rays that the Sun produces. Too weak to do what?

What is weak to normal type Pokemon?

Only the moveset can decide. Naturally nothing is weak too it.

Would it be strong or weak?

Your question is too vague to answer.