What is waltz music?

A "waltz" is any music in 3/4 time or 3 meter.[3 beats for every bar of music] Rock music for example is usually in 4/4 time. Russell Byers

- The waltz became popular in 19th century Vienna, Austria, especially due to the compositions of Johann Strauss, Jr. Famous tunes such as the Beautiful Blue Danube, Tales of the Vienna Woods, and the Emperor's Waltz are among his compositions. At the time, the waltz was considered a risque dance by many because the couples actually touched each other for the first time in western dance history. Johann Strauss often conducted his orchestras himself while playing violin at the same time.

The popularity of the waltz extended from Vienna to other times and cultures.

While it is true that all waltzes are in 3/4 time, there are other classical music genres such as the minuet, that are also in 3/4. The waltz is very much associated with its corresponding box dance steps and oom-pah-pah rhythm. The Skater's Waltz is a more modern version that you may know or have heard whenever you last rode on a merry-go-round!

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