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What is waltz music?


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A "waltz" is any music in 3/4 time or 3 meter.[3 beats for every bar of music] Rock Music for example is usually in 4/4 time. Russell Byers

- The waltz became popular in 19th century Vienna, Austria, especially due to the compositions of Johann Strauss, Jr. Famous tunes such as the Beautiful Blue Danube, Tales of the Vienna Woods, and the Emperor's Waltz are among his compositions. At the time, the waltz was considered a risque dance by many because the couples actually touched each other for the first time in western dance history. Johann Strauss often conducted his orchestras himself while playing violin at the same time.

The popularity of the waltz extended from Vienna to other times and cultures.

While it is true that all waltzes are in 3/4 time, there are other Classical Music genres such as the minuet, that are also in 3/4. The waltz is very much associated with its corresponding box dance steps and oom-pah-pah rhythm. The Skater's Waltz is a more modern version that you may know or have heard whenever you last rode on a merry-go-round!

Sorry, can't speak so much to Rock Music! Prettysharp


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a waltz is a type a music that you can dance with someone. also a waltz has a romantic rythem.

Waltz music has 4/3 beats in a bar unlike classical which can have 2/4,3/4 or even 4/4. The waltz is classical music and it can be dances to with a partney only.

a waltz is a dance in 3/4 meter...look it up on Wikipedia

A waltz is a dance form with three beats to the measure.

The music for the waltz is jingle bells Olive skin Olive skin Coming down the lane IM INSANE

The song played during the waltz is 'Can I Have This Dance?'

The Music is the Marino Waltz

Waltz music is in 3/4 time: three beats per measure.

Well, Tchaikovsky was a composer of the Romantic Period, so the music itself would have to be Romantic, but its also a waltz (obviously).

Tempo of a dance waltz can vary from 100 beats per minute for a slow country waltz, to 180 beats a minute for a Viennese waltz. Time signature of a waltz is always 3/4. However, not all music with a 3/4 time signature is a waltz.

The tempo describes if a piece of music is played fast or slow or something in between. The rhythm determines what you do with a piece of music, do you waltz or march or what. You march to Stars and Stripes Forever. You waltz to the Blue Danube Waltz. You tango to a Tango.

Strauss is very famous for his Viennese waltz music.

Check out my dance music blog: I have rather large Slow and Viennese Waltz sections.

The lyrics for "Tennessee Waltz" were written by Redd Stewart to music composed by Pee Wee King in 1946.

You can download piano sheet music for Waltz of the Flowers at the Classical Sheet Music site (see link under Related Links below). All waltzes are in 3/4 time.

I know the music is set to 3/4 time.

Classical music under Tchaikovsky

The Waltz was born as an Austro-German folk dance known as the Landler, which was characterized by the rotating movements of partners dancing together. The music of Johann Strauss helped to popularize the Waltz. So to answer simply yes.. the Waltz is a German dance!!

No they are not. The Viennese Waltz is of course from Vienna and older than the Waltz. The Waltz is an English dance and has a slower tempo. Correct me if I'm wrong. x you said correct me if I'm wrong so I'll do it : The Waltz was born as an Austro-German folk dance known as the Lander, which was characterized by the rotating movements of partners dancing together. The music of Johann Strauss helped to popularize the Waltz. So to help you understand your fault.. the Waltz is not English the Waltz is German and Austrian ( Central European) ;))

The Blue Danube Kaiserwaltz Roses from the South These all are Viennese waltz pieces, considered classic. There are famous waltz pieces by Russian composers too, for example Tchaikovsky ballet music.

Emperor Waltz (uncredited) Music by Johann Strauß The Blue Danube Waltz (uncredited) Music by Johann Strauß Tritsch-Tratsch Polka (uncredited) Music by Johann Strauß Perpetuum Mobile op 257 (uncredited) Music by Johann Strauß

There are some cool waltz dances from many countries here are some examples: * Viennese Waltz * International Standard Waltz * American Style Waltz * Cross Step Waltz * Peruvian Waltz * Curacaon Waltz * Mexican Waltz * Canjun Waltz * Tango vals * Venezuelan waltz

That depends on the type of dance music you are thinking about. Was it the waltz, if so then this music was most famous in the early 20th century.

I think it is a croatian, slovick, type of music. It reminds me type of waltz, or polka music.

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