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just need a good tune up and again ajust the throttle body rpm screw.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-02 07:36:32
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Q: What is wrong if 1992 dodge stealth DOHC non turbo will start and run for a few seconds and dies starts up without any problems again before this the check engine light was on?
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Hello 1992 dodge stealth DOHC non turbo will start and run for two or three seconds and dies starts up without any problems again before this the check engine light was on bu the car was driveable?

I Currently Have the same problem, My 1993 Stealth was doing the same thing. I took it into a certified shop and found out it is a MAJOR electrical issue. They are still currntly working on it but said its difficult to locate because they need to check and test EVERY Electrical component and wire in the whole vehicle.

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