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Another very common issue with the Saturns is a dead/dying battery - usually caused by a failed alternator. Check the voltage at the battery while running - if not 13.5+; u need a new alternator (if the belt is still attached...)


Answeri had the same problem with my 96 sl1, took it to the dealer and got it checked out. the plugs needed to be replaced not adjusted!!!! the distributor coil was rusted that's what is causing the rough shifiting, cause i thought it was the transmission. get it relpaced as soon as possible you will soon discover that the engine is misfiring and it wont start in the bitter cold.

greg schramuk

Answeralot of times, a blinking service engine soon light will indicate a misfire in the firing order. a tune up will usually fix this. if not, check with a pro.
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Q: What is wrong if a 1996 Saturn SL1 service engine light came on flashing at first but now is steady and it is hesitating and not shifting smoothly?
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