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It sounds a bit like a water pump that went out all of a sudden. Losing the belt would kill the Power Steering, so maybe the pump bearing failed and the belt burned or jumped off.

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Q: What is wrong when power steering stops and antifreeze leaks suddenly?
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What should you do if you pour antifreeze in the power steering reservoir?

Do not run the engine. You need to drain out the fluid antifreeze mixture.You can then refill the power steering fluid.

How do you fix antifreeze and power steering fluid leaks?

Both of them can leak at various places. You just have to look at them and see where they are leaking before fixing them. It's impossible to be more specific than this.

What is the common repair or area to look at for power steering leaks on a 92 Grand Prix se?

Power steering hoses Pump Steering rack

Your steering went out on your Toyota t 100 what could it be?

Check power steering belt, check power steering pump, check rack for leaks

How Can driver use power steering when engine gets off suddenly?

You can't. The power steering is driven by the motor. If the motor stops, there is no power assist for the steering.

1992 e150 has power steering when turning to the left but no power to the right what could it be?

The problem is probably in the steering gear. Clogged passages in steering gear. Leaks in steering gear.

Where would the leak be if the power steering fluid leaks when turning hard left?

could be several places, power steering hose, rack and pinion (or steering gear box) or power steering pump.

Power steering feels hard when making left turn or right turn?

Hard power steering means there is little to no fluid left in the system. The power steering system should be flushed and checked for leaks.

How do you fix a 1988 Ford F150 power steering box that leaks below the adjusting nut on top?

If the power steering box is leaking below the adjusting nut, it is like that the seal is faulty. Replace the seal on the power steering box.

How do you repair a leak in 1998 escort power steering?

Usually the leaks are at the high pressure line or the return line of the power steering pump. Tighten all the lines at the pump.

What type of steering fluid for a 2004 passat?

Synthetic power steering fluid from the dealer only. Do NOT mix drugstore power steering fluid, ATF, or non-synthetic fluid in your steering system. Damage to the seals/gaskets could result in leaks.

Would steerin fluid effect your steering wheel from locking?

If the power steering fluid leaks out the steering would become very stiff, and perhaps "lock" if the car were parked.

GMC 350 my power steering leaks?

check the power steering and brakes "mini-radiator" that hangs below the radiator. usually gets hit with all the weather, can be replaced easily.

Can you bypass a '94 Oldsmobile 98 power steering cooler that has rusted out and leaks?

You can, but you risk overheating your power steering pump and rack. Not good for the seals and they will leak for sure after a while.

Can you tell by looking at your power steering and tell if it needs to be replaced like leaking cracking old looking?

The most common reason for power steer failure is fluid leaks. On power steering pump, you should check behind p/s pulley for leak at the shaft. On the rack and pinion(steering gear) check rubber boots at both ends and check for leaks where steering shaft is connected to rack and pinion input shaft. Check pressure hose at crimp fittings for leaks.

Service and repair procedure of advance power steering?

Checking power steering fluid level Checking belts and hoses Checking the system for leaks Pressure testing the system Bleeding the system

My steering gets very stiff and hard to turn on my 1999 Camry any reasons why it comes and goes like it does?

something wrong with power steering. check for leaks. The power steering pump may also be broken. but whatever the cause is, it's a good bet it's power steering problem.

Where is the most common place for the power steering pump on a 2001 Pontiac sunfire to leak at?

The most common power steering pump leaks are at the line connections or behind the pulley at the shaft. The line leaks can possibly be repaired, but the shaft seal leak could be better to change the pump.

What would cause the steering to suddenly go out on your 2005 silverado?

EVO sensor. Also known as steering speed sensor. Bad power steering pump, hose broke.

What happens if car power steering pump fails?

Your steering suddenly gets very heavy. You have to use a lot of force to turn the steering wheel to make it go where you wand it to.

Fluids you put in the car?

Oil, Antifreeze, Power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant...

What is the pink fluid leaking under your suburban?

trans fluid,power steering fluid,dex-cool antifreeze

Power steering pump Buick century?

I have a 2000 Buick Century costom and I replaced it but it leaks what could be wrong

97 Toyota tercel when you turn the steering wheel it starts locking up and makes a screeching sound why is that?

check your power steering level and see if its low or check for leaks on power steering almost looks red like transmission fluid

How do you fix your car if it is leaking antifreeze and power steering fluid?

You really have to just find out where it is leaking and what it will take to repair it. GoodluckJoe