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It could mean on of a few things, either A) There's air in the system building up pressure in the filter, open up the bleeder valve and let all the air out until you get a steady stream of water coming out, this should reduce your pressure. B) You could have a clog or obstruction of some kind on the back end of the system, going from the filter to the pool, check that out, or 3) The Filter may be very dirty and therefore be ineffective, clean/backwash the filter to solve this problem.


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Your filter needs too be purged, after you purge it your pressure will go back up,

That depends on how quickly it goes up and down. thepressure gauge in the filtration system is set up between the pump and the filter. It is there to indicate when the filter needs cleaning so as the filter gets dirtier the pressure reading on the gauge goes up. the upper region is usually marked in red. In any case when the reading get high it indicates that the dirt in the filter is slowing down the water so it has to be back washed or cleaned. Once it has been cleaned the pressure reading on the gauge will be low again. However of the readings are going up and down in short order you may have to get the pump looked at by an electrician

I do my own blood pressure and temperature every day and if i get a reading that i think is wrong i do it again, if it is still the same i go to my doctor or phone the health services if i am worried about it, or there are sites online that will explain what your blood pressure should be, hope this helps.

Yes. There are instances where the wrong filter can be installed.

There is no "real" normal. Pumps can show pressure readings around 10 psi (usually the minimum) to 20-25 psi. I have opened my pool one spring with a pressure of 10 psi and the next year open the pool with a reading of 15 psi. Nothing is wrong with the pump or filter as I get good flow in the outtake and the debris sight glass (on the filter) is crystal clear. A good solution to ensure proper pressure would be to "baseline" your reading on opening of the pool. It it reads, for example: 10 psi, this would be your baseline reading. Keep a watch of your gauge. Make sure when your pump if off, your gauge should show a reading of "0". If it increases to 15-20 psi during operation, it's time to back flush. Your pressure gauge is an excellent tool which will tell you when you should back flush....

wrong oil filter or could be a different weight of oil

The light means low oil pressure. It can be you installed the wrong filter or the filter is defective. It can mean the oil pressure sending unit is defective and it can also mean the oil pump is failing.

You may have debris caught up in the impellers, the pump motor may be on its way out or if you have a cartridge filter the cartridge may be clogged with mineral deposits see if the pressure in front of the filter is always high if it is your pool shop will have the right gear for cleaning it out. A: Clean or back wash the filter and recharge with new D. E. as needed. Clean out or empty the skimmer and pump baskets. If it has been over 25 - 30 days since you last cleaned the filter either by back washing or hosing the cartridge elements then your filter is dirty. High pressure reading on the filter tank gauge is the first indication that the filter is dirty and needs cleaning. k

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Speedometer gives a wrong reading for Yukon XL 2003?

2004 Chevy trailblazer is reading wrong passed 120mph

Low tire pressure....Dirty air filter....Dirty fuel filter....Wrong Fuel type.....In need of a Tuneup......And the Number one thing is Agressive driving habbits

You probley installed the filter wrong. Remove the transmission pan and check the filter.

sounds like you have the wrong fuelpump.if pump has not been replaced , there is a major problem causing the pump to generate to much pressure wrong fuel pump, or a clog or restriction at some point in the fuel lines.

Only one thing can be wrong, it is clogged. Replace it.

Yes, the faulty power steering pressure switch does affect the gas mileage. It will give a wrong reading of the gas mileage. It is therefore important to fix it when it is faulty.

There is no singular cause for high blood pressure in the majority of cases; however, heredity, diabetes, kidney ailments, dietary habits and overall health aid in the development of the condition.

It depends on what is wrong with it.

if your reading this it is wrong

The elements of choral reading is you are so ugly and preety. Its wrong

A blood pressure reading of 70 over 38 means that the systolic pressure is 70 mm Hg and that the diastolic pressure is 38 mm Hg. Systolic pressure is the maximum pressure present in an artery during contractions of the heart due to blood being pumped through the arteries. Diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure present in an artery prior to another contraction by the heart and more blood being pumped through the artery. Now, most normal blood pressures fall in the range of 90/60 to 130/80. A blood pressure reading of 70/38 means the person having their blood pressure checked has hypotension, or low blood pressure. This means the heart, brain, and other parts of the body are most likely not getting enough blood, and there appears to be something wrong with the body. What is exactly is wrong would be up to a doctor to diagnose, as there are several factors that could lead to low blood pressure.

Yes, you can calculate your blood pressure(s) from your pulse rate, so (1)Yes, you can ,and so "ce_ben 1" is wrong, and (2) it IS possible and so "oaf-girl" is wrong and (3) they are related by simple equations so "Mikey" is wrong too. But you in order to do it you need one initial set of B/P's to calibrate it with. It isn't possible simply to read your pulse alone and put it into an equation. You need a B/P reading too, the BP reading to be taken simultaneously with your pulse rate reading. Omron HEM- THis is what you'll need

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