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Yes It Is Possible Something could be wrong with your phone or there could be a signal error

There might be a problem with your phone provider. You should file a complaint with them.

You probably said something or did something wrong, talk to her in person or go to her house.

Phone calls in the middle of the night can be a wrong number usually. Other times it can be an international telemarketing call. If it continues try putting yourself on the do not call registry and see if they stop.

If I were in your position, I would try and contact your phone service provider to see if it is a problem with the service and try and trouble shoot other problems from there, before going out and buying a new phone system.

It's probably plugged in wrong.

well it is wrong because you are invading his privacy and that destroys the trust that he has with you. unless you are certain that he is cheating or something like that, just try to view his cell phone when hes not around.

Because, your phone is either locked, broken or something wrong with its IMEI (to check put in code *#06#) or you just don't have any credit.

You know by...Suspicious activity on your phone.You call or text somebody you didn't mean to.Something's wrong on your phone.Weird texts come up on your phone.Look back at recent calls, and you notice you aren't making calls, but it says that you have been making a lot of calls.You have to pay more than you actually used it.You can always check by going back to the place. By place, I mean likeT mobile, AT&T, places like that. They can probably make sure that yourphone has been hacked or not.

Is he/she not interested in you anymore? Like phone calls or your dates? That's a pretty good sign that somethings wrong! Or if he/she doesnt answer your phone calls or texts when you know he/she is there? That's another good sign! You can just tell if he/she is just being plain mean to you! And if this does happen to you stand up for yourself!!

I think what that means is he misses contact with you. Why don't you ask him?AnswerWhat does he say when he calls. If there are silences and pauses, why waste your time on the phone. Ask him why he calls, if there is anything he needs to talk about or get resolved. Maybe he hasn't gotten over the relationship and still needs something to hold on to, literally, the phone and your voice. I would say keep it short and sweet. Nothing wrong with remaining friends but there is something wrong with the silence.

Because it wanted to see if anything was wrong with it because it was taking and cell phones shouldn't talk (plus, it was making prank calls). ~Me

deliberately get the Pin and Puk codes wrong (?) Try laying it on a very strong magnet, like the back of a speaker.

You should, when you turn your cell phone back on it should inform you that you missed a text, but I could be wrong.

No, if she answers the your cell phone when you are not in the room, it is considered polite because you can receive the call right away instead of having to listen to a message then call back later. She can then give the phone to whoever the caller asks for.

We have no way of knowing what's wrong with your phone as you have not described any of the problems you are experiencing. You may want to contact your cell phone provider.

You never do anything wrong or bad.

depends on the phone and what is wrong with it

No I do not think theydo...I have a Sanyo SCP-2700 and I have not been able to receive neither voice memos, or videos. I haven't been able to figure out if it was just something wrong with my service or what but, apparently not. Apparently it just doesn't receive them at all.

I believe it was William Wordsworth.bruh u wrong

Try using a different SIM card on the phone, and/or try inserting the SIM card on a different phone so you can check if you get the same message. If you get Emergency calls only upon using a different SIM on the phone, then it's probably a problem with the phone. If you get emergency calls only upon using the SIM on a different phone, then most likely the SIM card is not compatible with the phone. ------------------ answer from z.vijay - i had a similar problem with my samsung phone, it was working very fine with a post paid SIM CARD, but suddenly one fine day, it started giving me the message "Emergency Calls only" for anyone i called. I took it to a Mobile show room, but there was nothing wrong with the phone, then i went to my network provider and understood that the SIM was disconnected for security reasons and high usage. So, remember to always check your SIM with another phone, to check if the problem occurs, and if it does, then contact your network provider.

a grandma phone i think but i might be wrong.

If your phone is on freeze mode, then that means that there were too many wrong attempts to unlock the phone.