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broken belt in a tire probably due to bad allignment

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Q: What is wrong when your steering wobbles and your front tire tread wear is excessive and you have a shimmy at 80kph?
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your transmission is going

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Why does my 1999 CE Lancer shake under acceleration from 80kph onwards totally smooth on deceleration?

It is possible you need to have the front wheels balanced. Unbalanced wheels will cause vibrations at certain speeds.

What causes howl in an automatic transmission between 60kph and 80kph?

A howl in an automatic transmission between speeds of 60 kph and 80 kph could signal a problem with the fan belt. Another cause could be an issue with the torque converter.

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Your daewoo nubira drives good but after going over speed 80kph then slows down check engine light comes on and stays on' until the engine is turned off then it does it at the next chance you drive?

Gives the impression of a massive vacuum leak. (Too bad cars don't come with all gauges instead of idiot lights). Either that or some sort of emissions problem.

What is the average speed of a car that travels 720km in 9 hours?

Ok this is the way ya do it ( and im bad at maths )60 x 9 to get you how many minutes in 9hrs = 540720 divided by 540 = 1.33333333333333333333333333333331.3 recuring x 60 minets in a HRgives you 80kphand to cheack your answer you say 80 x 9 = 720OR720 divided by 9 = 80:) have a nice day