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I just had this problem happen to me. The alternator went bad. Replace it and it should fix the problem.

I recently experienced the same problem with my 1995 Rodeo. Fuel, Brake and Battery dashboard indicators all lit up. AC and AC Fan stopped working. Was intermittent for the first few times and then became permenant. I noticed my charge gauge reading less than 12 volts. Had alternator tested and it tested bad. Replaced the alternator and everything is back to normal again. The Rodeo has 190k miles on it btw. Other than the starter and a timing belt tensioner, this is the only part I've had to replace to date. (Water pump doesn't count because it was part of a scheduled timing belt replacement)

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Q: What is wrong with a 1993 Isuzu Rodeo if the gas brake and battery lights all come on and the AC goes out?
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Why do the brake lights not work on my 2002 Isuzu rodeo when my headlights are on but work when they're not on?

Check the bulbs they are double filamented with smaller being for brake lights

What causes the gas brake and battery light to turn on Is their a sensor that controls all of them in a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo.?

when all three of those lights turn on that means that your alternator is bad. i just went threw this same problem with my rodeo

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abs codes are retreved by juming obd2 terminal 4-12 after codes plump brake petal 6 times

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Brake lights draw their energy from the vehicle's battery.

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