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That sounds to me like the solenoid is stuck. That's the part of the starter that engages the gear to the flywheel in order to turn the engine and thus start it. Try tapping the starter a few times with a hammer to knock it loose (I swear this works), then if it keeps happening to you it's time to buy a new starter yo.

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Q: What is wrong with a 2001 Ford Expedition 4.6l that will only make a clicking sound at the firewall but nothing at the starter if the battery is fine?
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Try to start the engine of a 2002 ford expedition but nothing happens except click in solenoid?

Check your battery. Usually when you get the clicking sound that means the battery is dead or in need of charge.

You have a 2000 ford expedition sometimes when you put in the key turn it nothing happens not even a clicking sound what could it be?

The starter solenoid near the battery should be checked.

Why would a 93 ford escort battery go dead if nothing was left on the alternator is ok and after jumping the battery registers low but not bad?

This could also be caused by the Air conditioner compressor relay located on the front right firewall. Turn the key to on -do not start the car- and disconnect each relay and listen for a clicking sound from the a/c compressor area. This will drain the battery over time. If you are running the car often you will not notice the problem but if the battery is low after a day or two of having the car parked then this could be the cause. Had a dealership tell me it was the battery too. That battery drained over the next long weekend. your battery is probably bad. i would suggest a new battery or an altinater. it can only be one of the two if your leaving nothing on.

Blazer s10 4x4 v6 4.3 vortex new starter car isn't turning over at all no clicking nothing?

battery is dead

If a car wont start but all lights come on and when you turn the key you hear clicking is that the starter?

Yes, the clicking is the starter, but there's probably nothing wrong with it. Your battery doesn't have enough juice to turn the starter motor (draws lots of current), but still has enough to turn on the lights and accessories. Try jump starting it or trickle charge the battery.

Do you still have do Windows Update if you have a good firewall installed?

Yes, your firewall has nothing to do with Windows Updates.

What could be causing the the battery light to stay on after replaceing the battery in a 2003 Ford Expedition?

The battery light comes on when the alternator is not charging. Changing the battery did nothing. Either put a gauge on the battery to see if it is charging, or while running, disconnet the positive cable from the battery. If the car dies that means the alternator is not charging. Most parts stores will check it for free. Oriely's , Autozone, etc.

What is wrong when there is no clicking sound and absolutely no crank when you turn the ignition key to start the car - tried to jump the battery.... still nothing?

try checking your fuses and fuse-able links

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Can a governor on a International harvester engine stop the starter from turning over The governor makes a clicking sound when trying to start but the starter does nothing the solenoid has been change?

make sure battery cables are tight

Everything works in 94 jetta but when you turn key nothing what to do?

Nothing happens when you turn the key: That about says it all, you turn the key and nothing happens, no crank, no clicking, no nothing. It's totally dead. Possible causes: 1. You left the lights on again: ump start the car and remember to turn your lights off at night. 2. Battery is dead: Test battery and charging system. Replace battery. 3. Dirty or loose battery cables: Clean and tighten cables as required. 4. Problem in the charging system: Test and repair charging system as required. 5. Bad Neutral Safety Switch: Replace Neutral Safety Switch.

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theres a clicking noise then nothing happends

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What will run the battery down on an F150 2002 model when nothing is turned on in vehicle?

If you are 100% sure nothing is on pulling power from the battery and it will not hold a charge then the battery has a dead cell and must be replaced.

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