What is wrong with a 4.6 ford when there is anti freese around the spark plug. It shorted the plug outand caused a miss?

Look at your intake manifold where the thermostat housing is. The upper radiator hose attaches to the aluminum upper thermostat housing. Look underneath the upper thermostat housing. if it is black - it's plastic and may have a hairline crack which is leaking coolant. It cannot be fixed with any type of leak fixer or epoxy (I tried).

This happened on my 1999 P71. The cause was a cracking coolant crossover at the front of the intake manifold which allowed coolant to spray out, run back and pool down in the sparkplug holes. The solution was to replace the intake manifold prior to the plastic coolant crossover catastrophic failure (large crack that puts coolant on the ground as fast (or faster) than I could pour it in.

There are many sources on the internet for new 4.6L intake manifolds. Mine cost $190 complete with all necessary gasketing. The Dorman part seems to be the "identical twin" of the OEM part which is available from Ford at a much higher price. For an average 'shade tree' mechanic, it will take around 8 hours to do the work. By the way, ALL new (and replacement) 4.6L intake manifolds have a metal coolant crossover/thermostat housing.

I got my manifold from AutopartsDirectToYou.com