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Check your cable box if you have one. It may not be turned on.

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What can go wrong in a movie shoot?

That the sound or picture doesn't look or sound good.

Sharp tv has sound but no picture?

If your television has sound but no picture, you may have connected the video cables wrong. Refer back to your user's guide to ensure proper set up.

What is wrong with your TV if the light is on but there is no picture or sound unless you unplug it for awhile and try again?

It could be nothing unless it happens frequently. Many of today's devices freeze up now and then.

The television picture will not show up but there is a soft buzzing sound?

On your remote there should be an input key click that until your tv picture come up. Or you could be on the wrong channel. Hope this helps

What is wrong with the ordinary light bulb?

It uses more power than the new style.

Why do i hear the sound but don't see the image when i turn on a movie on my computer?

maybe you downloaded the file wrong or you did something with the audio and picture files

On a 98 Tacoma the ignition light does not come on There is power in the bulb socket and the bulb is good What could be wrong?

If there is power but it does not light it is a ground problem. Some circuits such as gm interior lights the power is always on, and the ground is switched.

What is wrong with your ds lite when you turn it on and the power light is on but the screen is blank?

The light bulb is out or your DS Lite battery is very very dead.

Your 1986 corolla loses power at 60 mph What is wrong?

Sound like a transmission problem. Check your fluid first.

My 2003 Trailblazer's reduced engine power light is on what does this mean is wrong?

Time to buy a new car.

What can prevent the speakers from getting sound?

1. No power to speakers. 2. Bad sound card. 3. Speaker cables plug into the wrong jacks. 4. Bad speakers.

What is wrong when the power windows blower motor and abs and airbag light is always on?

you have bought a general motors car

What is wrong with your 1997 Jimmy when your abs light is on your power windows and your air conditioning wont work?

the battery is flat

How do you fix brakes lights?

You need to determine what exactly is wrong with them first. That's called diagnosis. The problem is either in the light itself, or in the supply of power to the light.

How do you remove static from my satellite TV picture?

If the picture is "snowy" you have the TV on the wrong station.

What is wrong a sound travels in a straight line b sound travels as a wave c sound is a form of energy d sound travels faster in vacuum than in air?

A is wrong. B is right C is right D is wrong A: Sound travels as a wave, therefore it does not travel in a straight line. B: Sound travels in a wave. C: The sound wave is a form of energy; all waves are. D: Sound cannot travel in a vaccuum. A is not entirely wrong.

Why would the check engine light and power steering message come on in a 2005 Chevy Malibu?

something wrong with something in your power steering more than likely, get it checked out.

What are the release dates for Q- What's Wrong with This Picture - 2001?

Q- What's Wrong with This Picture - 2001 was released on: USA: 15 November 2001

2006 Saturn ION reduced engine power light on dealer can't find anything wrong?

I have a 2006 Saturn ion. The reduced engine power light came on and the car still runs but will not accelerate and only goes 30mph

Why is your xbox 360 picture fuzzy it isn't the av cords the power pack or your tv?

Could be a short in the A/V cords. OR could be something wrong with the back Inputs

How do you fix a 52 inch Sony tv it makes a clicking sound after you turn it on.?

I purchased a small sony 24", from the very first time we turned it on it made a loud buzzing sound when the power activated. I spoke with a sony repair guy who said that this was "normal" and has something to do with protecting the picture tube from power surges, and there was nothing wrong with the tv. We have had the tv for 6 years and never a problem, but the noise is quieter now. My father in law has the same tv and it makes no sound at all. Maybe you can exchange it for another one but check it out at the store first.

The waves that carry radio and television signals to your home are called what?

Radio = sound wave T.V. = light wave [and sound from the speakers <33] That is completely wrong. Radio and television signals are both sent by RADIO WAVES.

Can a Hemi turn the check engine light on for the wrong oil?

Yes, it can turn the light on for the wrong oil.

What if you have a very light period is something wrong?

No, nothing is wrong. Some periods are light and some heavy.

What is wrong when a Jeep is making an air hissing sound when it is running but quiets when you apply the brakes?

This sounds like the power brake vacuum booster going bad.