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Check your cable box if you have one. It may not be turned on.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-14 19:42:03
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Q: What is wrong with a TV if the power light is on but there is no picture or sound?
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Sharp tv has sound but no picture?

If your television has sound but no picture, you may have connected the video cables wrong. Refer back to your user's guide to ensure proper set up.

What is wrong with your TV if the light is on but there is no picture or sound unless you unplug it for awhile and try again?

It could be nothing unless it happens frequently. Many of today's devices freeze up now and then.

What is wrong with the ordinary light bulb?

It uses more power than the new style.

The television picture will not show up but there is a soft buzzing sound?

On your remote there should be an input key click that until your tv picture come up. Or you could be on the wrong channel. Hope this helps

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maybe you downloaded the file wrong or you did something with the audio and picture files

Fog machine not working no noise but remote has light on what is wrong?

Hi I have the answer this meens that the heating element is working when light is on but no sound meen that the pump is no longer working

What is wrong with your ds lite when you turn it on and the power light is on but the screen is blank?

The light bulb is out or your DS Lite battery is very very dead.

On a 98 Tacoma the ignition light does not come on There is power in the bulb socket and the bulb is good What could be wrong?

If there is power but it does not light it is a ground problem. Some circuits such as gm interior lights the power is always on, and the ground is switched.

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Time to buy a new car.

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1. No power to speakers. 2. Bad sound card. 3. Speaker cables plug into the wrong jacks. 4. Bad speakers.

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you have bought a general motors car

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