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Q: What is wrong with a black person dating a white person?
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Why did they treat black people bad and white people good?

They treated black people wrong b/c they had a different skin color they treated white people good because of there wealth

Where did the saying gray area originate?

From day and night. Day and night, black and white are two of, if not the oldest opposites mankind has taken note of. (The Black of night and the (white) light of day). Grey area is the mix of the too. Life therefore is not always black and white, there is no certain right or wrong, there is a "grey" a mix of the two.

What does Malcolm X think is wrong with what Christians preach about heaven?

Malcolm X came to believe that Christians, especially those who championed segregation, promoted the subjugation of black people. The traditional white southern churches taught that segregation was necessary, and white supremacy was God's will; a black person who accepted a subordinate position would perhaps suffer on earth, but gain a heavenly reward. That outraged Malcolm X, who believed, as Louis Farrakhan did, that "the white man's heaven is the black man's hell." Malcolm X rejected Christian doctrine because he saw it as encouraging racism. If the only way a black person could get to heaven was by obediently accepting a subservient role, that seemed to him as if churches were preaching injustice and inequality. Thus, he said that Christianity was a "white man's religion," with a white hierarchy and no opportunity for the black man (or woman) to be treated as an equal.

Why did Martin Luther King Jr. Do what did?

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who stood Up for what was right and wrong. He changed the world and made it look like it looks like today. Black and white Unite Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who stood Up for what was right and wrong. He changed the world and made it look like it looks like today. Black and white Unite

How do black people become black?

this is wrong: Black people are simply different shades of brown, which can range from pretty fairly light to dark. The "become" that way from being born to parents who have the same traits. this is right: black people are like this because a long time ago when whites and blacks had never met blacks evolved to the hotter weather nearer the equator to block the suns uv rays and white people evolved for the cold north to protect them from the cold. If you swapped a white person and a black person in the different climates back then they would both die. The reason they don't die these days is because we have clothes to keep us warm and fresh supplies of water to keep us cool and sun protection lotion to protect us from uv rays.

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Is it wrong to date black boys if you are white?

there is nothing wrong in dating other cultures or colours. Segragation is wrong.

Should white people date black people?

Well, If you love them do date them and see what happens. But If you don't love them or it was a fling than don't. Theres nothing really wrong about dating a black person, but in the 50s' it was really wrong.

If im white is dating a black guy wrong?

there is nothing wrong with it if they love each other i wouldn't break up no matter what people say

Can a black person be racist towards a white person?

Some black people hate white people and some white people hate black people. Either way it's wrong and illegal. Because racism is a type of discrimination and discrimination is against the law.

Does dating a person for so long and you want to date others but you still love the person your dating now is it wrong?

Answer: It's only wrong if you are in a monogamous relationship. If you are polyamorous, and your partner agrees to the dating, there's nothing wrong with it. It's wrong to lie, it isn't wrong to be honest and upfront.

Is Tia and Tamera's dad white?

no there black not white dumby ^ this person is ignorant. They are MIXED. Yes their dad is white. Do your research. There is nothing wrong with interracial marriages either.

Is it wrong if the black and white wire is wired backwards?

You run a greater potential for being shocked if you connect the black and white wrong.

What is wrong with dating an albino?

nothing an albino is a person too

Will all colors mixed together make white?

The last person was wrong; Yes, all colors mixed together make white. (Black is the absence of light, not white.)

Is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes i think a zebra is white with black stripes but if you can prove me wrong then have out it?

vet No your wrong a zebra is black with white stripes. I know that because I was doing a project on zebras and its also on Rebecca321

If you are black is it wrong to like a white guy?

It's not wrong at all. It's each person's own personal preference who they find attractive regardless of skin color.

What is the sentence for idiom-black and white?

She sees every situation in black and white although she knows it is wrong.