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What is wrong with a goldfish when they are found hunched over breathing heavily in the bottom corner of a tank?


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It is most probable that your fish is sick. Find a digest on aqarium fish illnesses and look up all the symptoms. ------------------------ They most probaly have swim bladder disorder. This is caused by indigestion or bactiria got to it.


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The most compatible bottom feeder for a goldfish is tank is a bristlenose pleco.

Either its sleeping or hes dying slowly this happen to me yesterday and they all die except for two

If you mean that if they come from their mouth or their bottom, it's bottom

Stop doing a handstand. If your goldfish is floating, it will float to the top, not the bottom, therefore, you must be upside down!

Goldfish can settle at any level in the water to rest/relax although they often do go to the bottom.

Koi have barbels on their bottom lips (whisker-like projections) and goldfish do not

Goldfish don't hibernate and they are sick or dead when on their sides.

This may sound weird......There may be some attraction going on.......

well a few years ago one of my goldfish was laying on the bottom of my tank and its because he was bottom feeding maybe your fish is bottom feeding but please make sure its that and if you have any other fish incase its a desese

your goldfish might die and maybe eat to much or the water starting to get dirty

Time to flush it away.

If Its Not eating. and if its acting weird such as rolling over and back over in the water. and if they look like they're not breathing well. and if they're just sitting there floating down to the bottom(or top) on their side.

Your Goldfish does not sleep no goldfish in the world can sleep the main this they do is go to the bottom of the tank and do not move they are resting if there it the top and floating even with there eyes open they are ded this is not nice but all goldfish do is rest.

The fish may look paler than normal or exhibit lethargic behavior. They also will sit at the bottom and refuse food or may become unable to move. Their breathing will usually be very labored.

No. Goldfish reproduce by having the female lay the eggs on plants at the bottom of the tank, and then the male releasing his sperm over them.

They like sleeping in darker areas.

sorta they lay at the bottom of the pond though

Usually at the bottom of the tank in the rocks.

My Fantail Goldfish did that alot the first time I got him. I think it might be that they need to relax or they might be scared.

my blackmoor goldfish just sits at the bottom of the tank and does nothing is he dieing or just likes sleeping alot?

because he is getting old and is of the egde of death

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