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It's quite common. Brown is dead blood. Red of course is fresh. You could be tensed up from many thinks in your life and your muscles constrict. When you relax the dead blood will simply leave your body and that's why you are seeing the brownish mucus.

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Am 5 weeks pregnant i started bleeding for about 5 minutes but it has stopped my belly hurts like am on my period does this mean am having a miscarriage?

Go see a REAL doctor.

My girl has been trying to get pregnant but she was on birth control so she stopped and then she started having cramps and bleeding every other week Is it possible that she was pregnant?

ask a doctor ;]

I have taken 2 hpt both of which are . I can't be but just a few weeks pregnant my husband and I were having sex and I started to bleed during we stopped and the bleeding has too. What's wrong?

If you are definitely pregnant then contact your DR. Having intercourse during vaginal bleeding will usually stop the bleeding, especially during a period.

I lost my virginity 4 days ago and bled a lot and spotted. After the spotting stopped I decided to have sex again but started bleeding again. How long do I have to wait to have sex and not bleed a lot?

When I decided to have sex again I started bleeding during forplay we didn't even get to having sex.

If your gf started having periods 6 months ago after sex you started bleeding from your bum do you have periods 2?

the question is very poorly formated but what i think you're asking is "my girlfriend started having her period and my butt started bleeding, is that my period?" if that's what you're asking not only are you crazy but the answer is no...

My Period Started At The Correct Time But Then Stopped And Now I've Been Bleeding Extremely Light For About 3 Days Why?

Is it possible that you could be pregnant? If so take a test. You could just be having a light period

You have been having brownish pink discharged for 3 days now it is very light and only apparent when you wipe but only sometimes is this implantation bleeding?

that's gross

What is the difference between implantation bleeding and Period bleeding?

implanation bleeding is a lot lighter, than you regular period, and usually has little to no clotting, the bleeding will be shorter and will be a pinkier or a brownish color, but if you are stressed out about pregnancy you could be having your period and it might just be screwed up or something, so i would take a test if i was you

When did billie joe Armstrong stop getting high?

He stopped when he started having kids.

Feb 5th you bled for 3 days you were only on cycle day 15 period wasnt due til 12th started bleeding again on 27th stopped bleeding today on mar 1st could you be prego?

Yes you could be pregnant or having a hormonal imbalance. See your Doctor.

After having puppies when should the mother stop bleeding?

Everywhere I have read they stop bleeding after a couple of days. However, it may continue up till 2-4 weeks after if the bleeding has not stopped you need to take her to the vet.

If i spoted for few spots can this be implantation bleeding?

It may be possible. If that bleeding is a small amount and light red or brownish in colour, then it's most likely implantation.Congratulations!! Answer yes or just old blood from period or blood from having rough sex really.

If not bleeding can she still get pregnant?

Usually no period indicates pregnancy. The time at which a woman is most likely to get pregnant is several days after she stops Menstruating (bleeding) in a woman with a 28 day menstrual cycle she is most likely to get pregnant on days 11 to 15 inclusive after the day she started bleeding. that means that on average she has stopped bleeding several days before she reaches her fertile stage. When a woman is bleeding she can not get pregnant assuming that the bleeding is a normal menstruation. If a woman becomes pregnant normally she will stop having any sort of menstruation.

Is having brownish vaginal discharge a good or a bad sign in pregnancy?

you should only worry if you are bleeding heavy or dropping clots most times you will discarge a lot of different types of fluid

What if your period came two days early then it normally supposed to come but your not normally bleeding a lot but you start having brownish spoting on your pad what does that mean?

Nothing, your normal and fine. Don't worry about it.

Why am i having a heavy irregular period with blood clots started with brown spotting?

why am i bleeding heavy and having blood clots ? i even bleed thourgh my tapons

You are 10 days late for your pms but you are having lightpink and brown bleeding for 6 days now is a sign of pregnant?

Yes it could be a sign of implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is vaginal discharge which usually contains a small amount of pinkish or brownish blood. Only about a third of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding. if you have any more questions please leave a message on my message board.

Could you be pregnant if you're not sure if you're on your period or if you're having implantation bleeding because it is light and started as a brownish pink color before getting darker?

The only way to know for sure is to take a HPT. Answer That's a period your having doughnut Implantation bleeding is just a spot of blood which last from 1 day up2 3 days its nothing like a period it seems your just having a period which is light periods can change every month really like one month its heavy next its light from Pink Princess

You are having severe PMS and just started bleeding two weeks after intercourse?

I hope you feel better soon. You aren't pregnant.

Are you having a miscarriage if there's no bleeding?

If your not bleeding then your pregnant if you start bleeding in your pregnancy it's a miscarriage

I started my period on the 25th it ended the 29th and then I started having pinky discharge but only when I wiped could that be implantation bleeding or is my period just not over?

It could be your period...... or ending your period

When is it safe to go swimming after having a baby?

You could go swimming right away not that you would want to, it would be messy. As soon as the bleeding has stopped you would be alright to go.

What does it mean if you are having pink or red vaginal discharge?

if you havent started your periods this is what it could be. If you have started your periods and this is occurring before or after you period is about to start it could b spotting if its possible it isn't spotting i would go seek a doctors opinion answer ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding

You started your period five days early could you be pregnant?

If you are having a period, you are not pregnant. However many women confuse their periods with vaginal bleeding and vaginal bleeding can be a sign of pregnancy particularly in early pregnancy.

Is there a possibility of being pregnant if you are spotting brownish blood?

That means your having triplets.

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