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facteur x.
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What is an x-factor?

Answer . it is an bowling ball made by storm products. they produce bowling balls and accessories. their is an x-factor and an x-factor 2 of which i own. great bowling ball.

What is X-Factor?

The X Factor is a television programme in 26 different countries starting with the UK. It was first broadcast on 4th September 2004. . The Judges are Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Danii Minogue . The former judges are Brian Friedman (Series 1) Paula Abdul (Guest Judge) and Sharon Osbo ( Full Answer )

What is X-factor and J-factor?

the x factor is a talent show and the j factor is a show that a local school in Scotland have just like it

What is x factor?

X Factor is a british singing competiton, similar to American idol. They have founded singers like Leona Lewis, JLS and Alexandra Burke.

What is the x factor?

It is a singing Competion where people compeete to win a lot of money, there is judges: Simon Cowel Cheryl Cole Louis Walsh and Danii Minogue

French words beginning with x?

xylaphone begins with a x in french but u may need to check the french spelling cos that ^ ain't it!

How do you get on x factor?

If you go on to WWW.x factor.co.uk. and click on applications print it off then send it to x factor

What factor led to the French Revolution?

There were three main factors: . Enlightenment spread the idea that everyone was equal. The powerless Third Estate liked that. . The French economy was failing. High taxes kept prices low, and food supplies short. . King Louis XVI was a weak leader. He tried o tax nobles but they forced him to t ( Full Answer )

What factors led to the french revolution?

1) The growing debt of the French government and the economic downturn because of it 2) The shap discrepency between wealth and power in society. The merchant class was gaining more and more power, making the old three class system (nobelty, church, peasants) out of date. 3) Enlightenment ideas ( Full Answer )

Why is the X Factor called the X Factor?

the X Factor is called the X Factor because is used to have to buzzer which to us was the "X" so that is why it is called the X Factor

What does the X in the X-factor stand for?

It doesn't stand for anything specific. The "X Factor" is simply the something special that a specific singer has more than the other contestants.

How can you get in to the x factor?

You have to get a ticket pass , they advertise them at the end of the show near the final . Which is tonight and tomorrow night :)

French words that start with x?

xénophobie, the hate against people who can't borrow a dictionary from the library. There are hundreds of words starting with "x"! Pretty sure the last one must be "xylophoniste"...

What is 'X' in French?

La lettre 'x' is a French equivalent of the English letter 'x'. The feminine definite article 'la' means 'the'. The feminine noun 'lettre' means 'letter'. All together, they're pronounced 'lah leht-truh eeks'.

How do you pronounce an x in French?

The basic pronunciation of the letter x is the same as English -- "ks". For example, the French taxe sounds basically the same as the English tax. The French x can also become voiced if it is between two vowel sounds, in which case it sounds like "gz". This also happens in English. For example, the ( Full Answer )

A french animal that starts in x?

One French animal that begins with the letter "X" is "Xerus" withan accent aigu on the "E." This is the French word and scientificname for an African ground squirrel. There is a frog in English that is called "xenopus".

Is the x factor stopping?

No, The X Factor is continuing and Simon Cowell has stated he will continue to make it for as long as the public enjoy it.

What is The X Factor show about?

The X Factor is a British television singing competition contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions. It is similar to other singing competitions such as American Idol and Pop Idol.

Factor x2 - x - 30?

x 2 - x - 30 = (x - 6)(x + 5) The trick is to look for 2 numbers which multiply together to give -30 and sum together to give -1. In this case -6 and 5.

Meaning of x factor in drive?

The x is simply the speed at which a hard drive can read or write data. I 10x drive can write and read a disk a 10x the regular play speed.

How do you win X-factor?

You have to be a good singer with a good personality that is likeable by the public.

When are x factor 2011 auditions?

2 late ya bnch of lazy twats coz da hole dam series is bludy dne with and little mix who ive been bcking all da wy won so haha oh and...wait forit..ha

When will x factor be on?

look for uk x factor auditions to be starting near the end of march and into april this year. so far audition details have not been posted for the uk x factor, but for the usa x factor the usa x factor auditions will be starting in march 2013. there are some rumours that the uk x factor auditions ( Full Answer )

What is the x-factor bootcamp?

If the contestant gets through their first audition, they go to bootcamp which is where they have to sing again and only 32 can get through to the next stage, which is judges houses, where their catogory is split to 12

Can x squared be factored?

Well x squared could can be broken down (factored) into x times x. So yes, it can be.

How do you apply for x-factor 2011?

You can noy apply for the X Factor 2011 because they have already finished filming the series and are about to conclude this year with their finale next Saturday on ITV. Bagshad :)

Who are mahogany on x factor?

they are Guy Sebastian's back up singers befor they came to the x factor show and their names used to be roquettes

How won each x factor?

X FACTOR SERIES WINNERS...>>> Series One- Stevie Brookstien Series Two- Shayne Ward Series Three- Leona Lewis Series Four- Leon Jackson Series Five- Alexandra Burke Series Six- Joe McElderry Series Seven- Matt Cardle

Who were the x factor finalists 2010?

Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel, Rebecca Ferguson, Treyc Cohen, John Adeleye, Mary Byrne, Wagner, Storm Lee, Matt Cardle, Aiden Grimshaw, Nicolo Festa, Paije Richardson, Diva fever, FYD, Belle amie and One direction.

Who will win x factor 2010?

one direction because they are much better than any one also or Wagner for the same reason. No actually, one direction, Matt, or Rebbecca will win because Cher and Mary will go this week, the semi final, because one direction, Matt and Rebbecca have the majority of the votes.

How old is Rebecca from x factor?

Shes like 17, she used to go to my school, like last year and she preformed at charities week, if you youtube mearns castle charities week you migh find some more videos

How do you factor x squared -x-3?

That doesn't factor neatly. Applying the quadratic formula, we find two \nreal solutions: (1 plus or minus the square root of 13) divided by 2 x = 2.3027756377319946 x = -1.3027756377319946

What factors lead to the french revolutions?

first of all, there was a breakdown of the old order of the government as by the 1780s, the french government was nearly bankrupt. their banking system couldn't cope with the fiscal problems so the monarchy had absolutely no choice but to raise the taxes. also many french soldiers that were over in ( Full Answer )

Why is the x factor named the x factor?

the term means the unknown factor or the unexplainable thing which adds a certain value to that object, element or a person.