What is your experience with the LDS missionaries and being a convert?

This is my experience with the LDS church and the missionaries:

I was a single mom with children....the two missionaries came into my life and made me very happy only to end up with heartbreak when they were done with their mission and left you. At first you think they are very educated and really love their work on a mission, but this isn't always true. Many of them feel pressured to go on a mission. They are not the psychiatrists or the conduits you think they are for the church. I believe they do love the church but not always as much as you think. After they are done with their mission they do not like talking about the gospel as much as you thought they would. I tried e-mailing or writing them after, and they aren't as focused on the gospel or as interested in talking about it as they were while they were on their missions.

I wanted to continue talking about the scriptures with them after their mission was done as a friend but was disappointed in not feeling like they wanted to. They are young they are and they are human... so don't judge a book by its cover... the smiles, the finely dressed look, and the impression that they are fully educated in the LDS gospel can be temporary. I cried my eyes out when my first missionaries that got us baptized moved on. I felt ignored.

I do believe in the church fully, but now I understand what was going on. I don't want anyone else blindsided by getting converted for the missionaries rather than for God. Just love the church and study the scriptures and do it for you and God only.