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What is your perspective on climate change?

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You may be asked your perspective on climate change when you travel from one climate to another. Some prefer cold, snowy weather while others long for tropical locations.

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What perspective do geographers use?

geographers perspective is to study climate,landforms,and biomes .

A slogan about climate change?

slogan of climate change

How are climate change and global warming monitered?

climate change and global warming can be monitered by a climate change monitor

What is the significiant change from one climate to another?

Climate Change

Slogans on climate change?

climate change ,never ends

When was A Change of Climate created?

A Change of Climate was created in 1994.

How do tornadoes affect climate change?

Tornadoes do not affect climate change. They may be affected by climate change, but how is yet to be determined.

How many pages does A Change of Climate have?

A Change of Climate has 352 pages.

How will climate change affect South America?

It'll change the climate.

What happens second in Climate change?

What happens second in Climate change

What is the influence of the climate change in the seasonal distribution of climate?

what is the influence of climatic change in the sesenal distribution of climate

Where is Climate Change?

Climate change is like everywhere because the climate is changing all around us,

Is global warming a cause or a effect of climate change?

Global warming is the cause of climate change.Climate change is the result of global warming.

Is climate change dangerous?

science shows that the change of climate could be dangerous.

Where and when does climate change happen?

Climate change is happening everywhere and all the time.

When was Climate Change Capital created?

Climate Change Capital was created in 2003.

What does climate change negotiators do?

There are no climate change negotiations. God doesn’t negotiate.

How do you write a sentence with the words climate change in it?

Climate change can affect the habitats of plants and animals. We think that the world is undergoing a climate change now.

What is the climate change that produces greenhouse gases?

Climate change does not produce greenhouse gasses. It is thought that greenhouse gasses are a major cause of climate change.

Does ozone depletion cause climate change?

Yes, ozone depletion can cause climate change. It causes greenhouse effect which can then cause climate change.

What causes climate and climate to change?

The Sun.

What climate does Delaware have?

the climate can change rapidly

Why do climate scientists believe climate change is real and is of concern?

Climate scientists believe climate change is real and is of concern because they understand the science involved and the factors that contribute to the climate, what controls it, and what is happening that makes the climate change. They also see and understand how the climate is changing and why it is happening.

How can climate change affect living things?

a change in climate causes living organisms to adapt to the new climate or to migrate to a different area with a climate similar to the first climate

Does the atmosphere change climate?

No. Climate is how the atmosphere behaves over long periods of time. Changes to the atmosphere can change climate.