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What is zif and pata are they the same type of drive connections?


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ZIF stands for "Zero Insertion Force."

There are 2 industry uses for the term ZIF ; one is in motherboard CPU sockets, the other is for ultraportable harddrives, like used in netbooks and notebooks.

Most types of CPU sockets are ZIF sockets. There is generally a lever which can be activated to release the pins of the CPU from the socket and allow it to be inserted or removed without damage. There is no single connection ZIF connection, it is merely a concept in connections, with a different layout for different types of chips.

ZIF, for harddrives is an ultra-thin ribbon cable with a rigid end that slides into the harddrive connector. Most ZIF drives so far are PATA command set and are physically 1.3" or 1.8" drives.

There are converters available to use CompactFlash cards in ZIF slots, and there are converters available to use ZIF PATA harddrives in 2.5" and 3.5" PATA devices.

PATA stands for "Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment" as opposed to the other common ATA standard SATA, which is serial instead of parallel. PATA is a 40-pin data connector used for hard drives, cdrom/dvd drives, and other types of integrated data storage.

SATA does not use a ZIF Connector (so far) , for micro-sized devices like 1.3" and 1.8" and even 2.5" harddrives , they use something called MicroSATA, which puts all 13 pins of SATA cables on a thin card-edge connector.


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