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ZIF stands for "Zero Insertion Force."

There are 2 industry uses for the term ZIF ; one is in motherboard CPU sockets, the other is for ultraportable harddrives, like used in netbooks and notebooks.

Most types of CPU sockets are ZIF sockets. There is generally a lever which can be activated to release the pins of the CPU from the socket and allow it to be inserted or removed without damage. There is no single connection ZIF connection, it is merely a concept in connections, with a different layout for different types of chips.

ZIF, for harddrives is an ultra-thin ribbon cable with a rigid end that slides into the harddrive connector. Most ZIF drives so far are PATA command set and are physically 1.3" or 1.8" drives.

There are converters available to use CompactFlash cards in ZIF slots, and there are converters available to use ZIF PATA harddrives in 2.5" and 3.5" PATA devices.

PATA stands for "Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment" as opposed to the other common ATA standard SATA, which is serial instead of parallel. PATA is a 40-pin data connector used for hard drives, cdrom/dvd drives, and other types of integrated data storage.

SATA does not use a ZIF Connector (so far) , for micro-sized devices like 1.3" and 1.8" and even 2.5" harddrives , they use something called MicroSATA, which puts all 13 pins of SATA cables on a thin card-edge connector.

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Q: What is zif and pata are they the same type of drive connections?
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Either SCSI or IDE (PATA).

What type of connector would be used to supply power to an PATA optical drive?

MolEx and sata

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The Toshiba A15-S157 uses a standard 2.5" 40 GB EIDE / PATA hard drive.

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A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer Which type of power connector should be used to connect to a PATA hard drive?

A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer Which type of power connector should be used to connect to a PATA hard drive?berg mini-molexmolex.20-pin ATX connector

What is hdd and sata?

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive which is what your computer stores information on. SATA is a type of connection that powers and transmits data inside of your computer. It works in the same fashion that the older IDE/PATA standard did.

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Can a hard drive from an old computer be added to a new computer?

In most cases, yes.InstructionsRemove the hard drive from the old computer.Identify its type (PATA or SATA). PATA cables are wide and flat. SATA cables are narrower and thicker, and often red in color.If the drive is a PATA drive, locate the jumpers. If the drive is being added to a cable with a drive already on it, set it to "Slave." If the drive will be alone on the cable, set it to "Master."Physically install the drive in either a 3.5" bay, or any empty brackets the case provides.Connect the data cableConnect the power cableTurn on the computer and see if the drive is detected in your BIOS. You may want to change your boot order so that the drive is not the first to be booted from, if this has been preselected.

Can you take the hard drive out of an external hard drive and put it into your computer?

Most of the time the answer is yes. What you would have to do is match architecture. Some external's use SATA hard drives, some use PATA (or IDE). Computers also use SATA or PATA drives. You could not take a SATA external and use it in a PATA computer or vice versa. Some motherboards can use both, and there are some special cables that will let you use the other type device.

What is molex and berg connectors?

Molex is the power plug type used for hard drives and CD drives in older PATA-type PC's. Berg is the same, except used for floppy drives.

Can you switch out hard drives on computers?

Yes. It needs to be the same type (MFM, PATA, SATA) as the original and properly configured. It is usually a very simple process.

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How to install new hard drive into PC?

Requirements:1. Know how to operate a screw driver.2. Know how to access your BIOS.3. Not be afraid of the inside of a computer.4. The right hard drive (see below)The right hard drive:There are two main interfaces a hard drive can have. The newest one is known as SATA. The older one is known as PATA, or IDE. Computers made before 2004 probably don't have SATA connectors, and some new computers don't have a PATA controller. To identify what type of drive your computer supports, look at the cables. If the computer uses flat, wide ribbon cables, it uses PATA. If it uses a narrow, thick cord, it uses SATA.There are also some size considerations to worry about. A computer made before 2002 probably cannot use a hard drive larger than 137 GB. The BIOS simply doesn't support the addressing modes required.Installing:1. Remove your PC's cover.2.a.) If you are replacing a current PATA drive, unplug the old one, and set the jumpers on the new drive to the same setting as the old one - Master or Slave.b.) If you are replacing a SATA drive, just unplug the old one and plug the new one in with the same cable.c.) If you are adding a SATA drive, plug one cable into your drive, and the other into an available connector on the motherboard.d.) If you are adding a PATA drive to a current cable with a device already attached, set the jumper to Slave.e.) If you are adding a PATA drive to a new cable by itself, set the jumper to Master.3. Enter your BIOS, and see that your drive is detected properly. If it is not, double-check step 2.4. You can use either the Windows setup program, or a third-party program, to format the hard drive. For an excellent third-party tool, I strongly recommend GParted.

If a CD drive and hard drive are sharing the same data cabe in a computer system what type of connection is the CD drive using?


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Can you put a ata and ide hard drive drive in the same computer?

ATA and IDE use the same interface type, so the answer is YES, you can put the a ATA and an IDE in the same computer.

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