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What it means to pray through by E J Dabney?


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January 03, 2008 9:04PM

Praying through has been giving many meanings. Some are more complicated than others. Here is an answer applicable to born again Christians. Many of the old time people, (Pentecostals or those with a charismatic background), used to pray through. It involved earnest prayer to God and seeking Him. And as the title suggest it means praying through or past some spiritual barrier. This barrier in most cases is a state of backsliddeness but can also be some other condition. Maybe you feel that your prayers are not heard, you have a problem you should not struggle with or you do not feel Gods peace or the presence of the Holy Spirit. In such conditions the person goes into prayer and pray through a problem until he/she feels peace, Gods closeness, the presence of the Spirit or get the answer or peace to a specific problem prayed for. This type of prayer usually is but does not have to be accompanied by fasting.