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Don't even try it. They will not hire you. They hire the 16 year old's instead because they can drive themselves to work, as a result, they are more likely to not be late. (That is their theory, so I here, but I have tried many times, not once have I been called or emailed yet.) But I want to know also.

>>Forget it. You can't even spell available; stay in school, kiddo.

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In what year was Orlando Florida discovered?

Orlando florida was discovered in the year nineteen fiftythree

What jobs are hiring 16 year olds in Orlando Florida?

You're best bet would be fast food restaurants.

Orlando Florida in december weather is there rain?

There is rain in Orlando, Florida year-round. The annual average for rainfall in Orlando, Florida is 53.17 inches. However, this number varies.

Jobs for 16 year olds in Orlando Florida?

At sixteen most people can work in fast food rest. like McDonalds or Burger King.

How many people visit Orlando Florida per year?

More than 50 million people visit Orlando, Florida each year.

How can a 52 year old woman who has been a purchasing agent for 16 years get a purchasing job in Orlando Florida?

put your resume up on different jobs sites so the employers can see. there is monster, career builder, msn jobs, yahoo jobs, and others.

What year did the grand Floridian open in Orlando Florida?

October 1, 1971

What time of year offers the coolest temperature in Orlando Florida?


What job openings are available for 14 year olds?

idk havent found any yet this taking all day is there any jobs avaible for me

What jobs are there for a 14 year old in Apopka Florida?

* * *

Where is WWE WrestleMania 24 going to be?

near my hometown, it's in Orlando Florida this year

What year did Walt Disney open in Orlando Florida?

it opened 1 October 1971

Where is the nba all-star game going to be at next year?

Orlando Florida

Where are Jobs for 15 year olds in Ocala Florida?

Is there any job available for 15 year olds in Ocala,Florida

Where can a 16-year-old in Orlando Florida get a job?

mcdonald's, publix, burger king, etc

Jobs for 15 year old in Tampa Florida?


Can an 18 year-old boy in Orlando Florida be stopped by parents from moving in with grandmother?


14-year-old jobs in crestview Florida?

Publix. They haveabout 3 jobs for 14-year-olds. Cashier, florist, and bagger.

In Florida what jobs can a 11 year old girl work and get money?

no where

Are there Jobs in South Florida hiring 14 year-olds?

no there are not

Jobs for 14 year olds in Orlando FL?

You try publix. I'm 14 that's what I heard

What year was the real Walt Disney castle built?

i believe you mean cinderellas castle. in Orlando Florida it was completed in 1971 in the Florida amuesment park.

What kind of pay is there avaible for a 15-year-old boy?


What jobs can a 14 year old have in Florida?

In the state of Florida, a 14 year old can get a job as a babysitter, dog walker, or bagger at a grocery store.

Which areas of Orlando have the cheapest villas?

Orlando, Florida has a popular of over 243,195 individuals. The cost of housing would vary depending on availability and time of year. "Orlando Villas" or "Orlando Discount Villas" would have the most up-to-date information.