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What jobs are available for 11 year olds?

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This might help but then again it depends on where you live.

If you have a talent you can always go down to a busy street and play an instrument and get paid for it.

If you dont have a talent like that then try to save up your money you own and do extra jobs around the house and get paid for it.

If its the summer you can have a lemonade stand or you can wash cars for a little pay.

If its the winter then you can go around and ask people to shovel the yard for as much money as you like.

- Hope this helped :D

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What jobs are available to 11 year olds?

Some charity shops accept 10 and 11 year olds.

Babysitting jobs available for 11 year olds?

yes you can babysit a 11 years of age

What kind of jobs are available for 11-year-olds?

Here are some jobs: * Tutoring Younger Kids * Making Crafts * Baby-sitting * Mother's Helper * Odd Jobs

What jobs can a 11-year old get?

there are no jobs 11 year olds can get

What jobs are open for 11 year olds?


What jobs can eleven year olds do in Dorset?

Its illegal to put 11 year olds into work. 14 is the minimum

Are there any jobs for 11 year olds?

There are jobs for 11 year olds like some ideas or like dog walking,mowing someones lawn or you can do a leominade stand or a garage sale.

Can13 year olds get jobs?

can i get a job im 11 can i get a job im 11

Are there any actress jobs for 10-11 year olds available? is who youve seen. address-5509 mudville road

Real Jobs for 11 year olds?

Go on that is your awenser

What jobs are available for 11-year-olds in ashford?

An 11-year-old girl can make money cleaning other's yards. They can also make money by washing neighborhood cars for the elderly.

Are there any jobs in Harrisburg pa for 11-12 year olds?


Babysitting jobs for 11 year old girls?

I dont think that they have jods avalible for 11 year olds

Jobs for 11 year olds in VA?

some are lucky and find babysitting and cleaning and petsitting/walking jobs

Where can 11-year-olds get jobs in haverstraw?

11 year olds in Haverstraw may be able to mow lawns for money in their neighborhood. They may also offer baby sitting services.

Are there and summer jobs for 11 year olds?

you cant cuz ur 2 ung

What part time jobs can 11 year olds get?

Babysitting, house cleaning etc.

Are there jobs for an 11 year old?

there are jobs for 11 year-olds . Like raking leaves or shoveling snow. making soap or having a lemonade stand or sowing knitting anything.

What jobs are available for 11-year-olds?

mow lawnsfeed/walk dogshelp around the houseshovel snowpaper routeIt is against child labor laws to hire anyone under 16 for a real job.

What jobs 11 year olds can do?

bagging babysitting nothing major because of labor laws

Are ther jobs for 10-11 year old in the summer?

Yes there is jobs for 10 year oldsSome rwalking dogsbabysitting

Are there any local jobs for 11-year-olds?

AnswerTry walking your neighbours dogs, washing cars, babysitting, lawn mowing, gardening or paper route.

What are summer jobs for talented 11 year olds?

mowing lawns, walking dogs, watering plants

Where can 11 year-olds work at?

They can only do odd jobs and maybe babysit if they have the proper training.

Are there any jobs for kids 11 years old and 10 year olds?

None. you silly kids