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There are vast jobs for people in the movie industry and it has created many employment opportunities (even in Canada.) Vancouver, B.C. not so long ago had no movie studios, but they have sprouted up greatly in the past 10 years. Movies have been made in Canada for years, but there were no movie studios until now. Besides Vancouver, B.C., Toronto is the next largest city to produce movies. Why come to Canada? Because it's cheaper to produce a movie here and we also have many of the same scenic land that America has to offer. In all fairness 50% of Americans are hired here and 50% Canadian. The Canadian government gives tax relief to the movie industry because the movie industry rejuvenates a great deal of money for the different provinces. JOBS: Extras Carpenters Electricians Artists Painters Costume designers Make-up Artists Key-grip Lighting grip Gophers ("go for" meals for the actors or crews) Set designers Proof readers (for scripts) Digital designing on computer There are many more jobs, but it depends on what you have to offer. If one has no experience in one thing they could choose to be an extra, a "gopher" just to get their foot in the door. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What jobs can you obtain in the movie industry?
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