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What jobs did Italians have when they first came into the US?


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In or about the year of 1870 was when Italians first came to Australia. Many young Italians who planned to immigrate to the US, ended up choose Australia instead.

The Italians came to America by boat because Italy is over the ocean where the U.S is

to get better jobs and get away from poverty.

they immigrated to America so they could get better jobs, and to escape the unhealthiness of Italy

Because of starvation and disease that were killing people and there was barely any jobs

They came to Canada and the US for the same reason. They were looking for a better life.

Italians came to Texas because they desired to live in a different US state than where the immigrated. Some people find it strange that Italians live in Amish Pennsylvania.

I don't know where you are from. The Italians do not hate the British or the Americans.

Millions of Italians came to the United States in the last 200 years. Their contributions have influenced politics, cuisine, and art.

The first people in the US. are from Russia. They got to the US. by walking on ice in the first ice age

Luis deharo was the first Mexican to come to the us

most of us are pissed of that some of us don't consider themselves as white. Italians are white. it is not uncommon to have blonde hair blue eyes and light skin. sicilians are not Italians.

Most Italians have settled in New York, and Chicago, Il.

Italians live in brick houses and other houses like us

When the first Europeans came.

because they beat us at football

they brought graffiti with them

It depends on where they came from, but they had trouble finding decent jobs because of discrimination, and there were diseases in the US that they were not accustomed to.

The US. The USSR stole our plans to make their first bombs.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the US President when the first Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, came to visit America.

German immigrants did not come specifically for the jobs, they were being invaded by other countries in Germany so the chose to move

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