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Jobs and space

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Q: What led Italians to the US?
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Do Italians hate us?

I don't know where you are from. The Italians do not hate the British or the Americans.

What pulled the Italians to the US?


Are Italians religious?

Some of us are.

What did the Italians bring when they migrated to the US?


What did Italians bring over to the US?

Their customs

How did Italians come to the US?

The Italians came to America by boat because Italy is over the ocean where the U.S is

What kind of houses do Italians live in?

Italians live in brick houses and other houses like us

In which US states have most Italians settled?

Most Italians have settled in New York, and Chicago, Il.

What is going on with Italians right now?

most of us are pissed of that some of us don't consider themselves as white. Italians are white. it is not uncommon to have blonde hair blue eyes and light skin. sicilians are not Italians.

Why are Italians hated?

because they beat us at football

What art did Italians bring to the us?

they brought graffiti with them

What contributions did Italians make to America?

they gave us pizza

When did Italians first come to Australia?

In or about the year of 1870 was when Italians first came to Australia. Many young Italians who planned to immigrate to the US, ended up choose Australia instead.

Why do italians emigrate to US?

Very simple: they want to gain many US dollars.

What percent of the US population speaks Italian?

100% of all Italians in the US can speak Italian.

Who were the US's rival's in World War 2?

The Germans, the Japanese, the Italians.

What do Italians wear?

They wear clothes just like us but lighter.

Why did most Italians immigrate to the US?

to get better jobs and get away from poverty.

Were Italians the largest Nationality in US military in World War 2?


What would the US be like without the Italians?

There would be no jersey shore.

How did a revolution in Europe put the US in an awkward position?

The major revolutions across Europe in the 1840s led to a massive increase in immigration to the US. Large waves of Germans, Irish, Swedes, French, Italians, etc. all made their way to the country.

Where Italians ever enslaved in the US?

NO way! Italians did enslave people, as there are words in their language that literally translate as Slave-driver or Slave-master, such as Schiavone.

Did the Japanese fight in World War 2?

They were one third of the biggest part of the Axis Powers. The others were the Germans led by Adolf Hitler, and the Italians led by Benito Mussolini.

How do you spell Italians?


When did Italy declares war on the us?

The Italians never declared war on the US. It was the Germans and the Japanese that declared war on the US