What jobs do people have in Jamaica?

Jamaicans have a variety of jobs. The jobs are dependent on the location and educational background.

Persons in urban Jamaica with high education levels work in offices filling roles such as: accountant, clerk, office manager, supervisor, etc based on the industry. Industries in Jamaica include: IT, banking, law and doctor and manufacturing as well as the government essential services: police, teacher, doctors, fire fighters etc. For persons with lower education qualification in urban Jamaica, jobs include: vendor, domestic helpers, retail store clerks, manufacturing assistancts etc.

In rural Jamaica the variety will depend on educational background. Highly educated persons have the opportunities to fill the same positions as offered in urban Jamaica and person of lower educational background do farming, retail selling, vending etc.

The urban area due to population density is most desirable for business opportunity and thus the country experiences a migration of persons into the urban areas to seek employment