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What jpg compression level from 1 to 12 to choose in photoshop edited photos with red eyes removed when having taken full quality and resolution photos with IXUS 500?


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September 20, 2010 1:11AM

I now use this rule for any kind of photos: use either Windows Photo Gallery to correct red-eyes or Gimp and when saving on Gimp, I save the picture with optimization and with a level of quality in the quality bar such as the size of the new file is lower than the size of the original file but, with this limitation, being the highest possible size.

the higher the number the better the image quality will be, but also will result in a larger file. the lower, worse quality and smaller files. JPG is compression and anytime you use it you will lose information in the image. The more times you save in JPG, the worse the image quality gets. To save an image with no degredation, save in TIF or PSD format.