What kind of Italian foods are there?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: What kind of Italian foods are there?
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What kind of food is pizza?

italian foods

What kind of Italian foods do they eat in Argentina?

i dont now

What are some Italian foods?

any kind if pasta, and there is a soup called pasetteli soup. (YUM)

What is 'kind' in Italian?

Kind in Italian is "gentile".

What foods are Italian?


What italian food did the ancient romans eat?

Considering that the ancient Romans were Italian, you could say that all the foods that they ate were Italian foods. However, they did not have the foods that we, today, think of as "Italian" such as pizza and pasta dishes with tomato sauces. The identical foods would have been the seafoods such as octopus and various shellfish.

What is Italian's famous foods?


What are foods that start with the letter z?

These are some of the foods which start with letter z 1.Zucchini 2.Zabaglione(An Italian desert) 3.Zest(Citrus fruit cover) 4.Zuppa(Italian soup) 5.Zander(A kind of fish similar to pike fish)

What foods do Italian people eat?


What foods doesn't Italy eat?


What is the English word 'foods' in Italian?

Cibi is an Italian equivalent of the English word "foods."Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. Its plural definite article i means "the.' The pronunciation is "TCHEE-bee."

What kind of foods did the chummash eat?

what kind of foods did the chumash eat