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new graphics cards that are compatible with DirectX9

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Q: What kind of a graphics card do you need to play games that need directX9?
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Can a 2.8 GHz CPU play games?

It depends on what kind of games you're looking to play, and your graphics card. I, for instance, have a 2.8 GHz CPU, but unfortunately my graphics card is terrible. It all just depends on what your system setups is.

What will my graphic card run?

to know what your graphics card can handle we need to kno what kind of graphics card you have

How do you get PC games to work on your computer I think you need some kind of card but I'm not sure could someone help me?

Most games require you to have a graphics card. These are fitted to the motherboard and provide a video output. Most graphics cards will also require you to install drivers.

Do you need a graphics card to play cod4?

absolutely. You need a graphics card in order to play any kind of game.

Do you need a graphics card on your windows xp PC?

All computers have some kind of GPU(graphics processing units). Cheap computers have them integrated into the CPU. So if you want to play high-end games, yes you should invest in a graphics card. other wise, you don't need to have one.

What kind of graphics card does a HP s7620n have?

It has onboard graphics ATI Radeon Xpress 200M.

What kind of card does computers need to display programs and data?

It's called either a video card, or a display graphics card.

How do you fix graphic card?

That depends on what happened to it, what kind is it, etc... refer to your graphics card manual for help on troubleshooting.

What kind of graphics card is used in k53sd laptop?

Nividia Geforce 610M

How do you find out what kind of graphics card you have in Linux Xubuntu?

the command lspci will tell you what hardware you have

I have a DDR1 RAM in my PC and want to buy a graphics card Can I go for a DDR2 graphics card or should the RAM type in the graphics card match the RAM in the main memory of the PC?

Nope it doesn't matter what kind of ram you have in your graphics card as they are used for different things What does matter is what type of slots your computer has. Mine, for example, has slots only for PCI cards and I must buy PCI. You can find out what type of slots your computer has by calling TigerDirect. Start with what type of graphics card your computer can use.

What kind of graphics card do you need for a Compaq computer to play Sims 3?

a good one

What kind of graphics came with my dell dimension 4300?

It would have been integrated graphics unless you ordered a special card.Popular dell graphics card at that time nvidia geforce 2 32 mb.

Do you need a graphics card to play spore on PC?

Im pretty sure you do. When i fist bought spore the computer i used didnt have the right graphics card, so to play SPORE, you need the righ kind of graphic. and no i dont know what graphics it is. my dad bought me the new computer.

What kind of graphics card should I buy for a Mac?

MAC computers are different than most PCs. Look for a MAC graphics card and search apple sites. Most Macs are made very well and don't need customizations.

What kind of PS2 memory card do you need to play imported games?

It is not the memory card that stops you from playing the games

What kind of graphics card comes installed?

This laptop comes with DDR3 SDRAM, and GMA 500MHD, graphic capabilities.

How does the best gaming laptop compare to a high spec desktop?

Not all of them can, it depends on what kind of graphics card you have in your laptop. I would suggest going to this link: It helped me find the best graphics card for my laptop.

How do i find out what type graphics card my computer can use?

To find out what graphics cards your computer can use you have to find out what kind of expansion slots your motherboard has. To do that you can download a diagnostic program like Sandra, it will tell you what kind of slots your motherboard has.

Is ati graphics cards can be used in Intel computers?

A processor of a computer does not interfere or limit to which kind of graphics card you can add. To find out which kinds of graphics card you can add, you need to open up your computer and find a x16 pci express slot. To find the slot you have to look around your motherboard to find a spot where it says x16 pc-express slot. If you have this slot, you should be able to add a graphics card. P.S. There are other factors to consider when adding a graphics card. For more information read below (related links).

Will an Integrated Intel graphics card play sims 3?

Depends on how much RAM the card has. Also depends on what kind of processor you are running and also how much RAM your laptop has. I'm sure if you turn the graphics settings down low you could run it.

Where can i get Super Smash Bros. on zip drive?

I saw them at bestbuy where they keep the graphics cards. Its some kind of graphics card with the usb flash drive??? My brother in Lousiana bought one and he doesn't like it.

What kind of graphics card does a hp pavilion a6500f have?

the HP a6500f has an onboard NVidia 7100 128mb...(bla, could be better)

What kind of graphics card does the HP Mini 110 XP Edition Intel Atom Processor N270 Netbook Computer have?

The HP Mini, like all minis using the Intel Atom, come with the Intel Atom's standard chipset graphics card, which isn't terribly fast.

How do you increase resolution on a dell s2009w monitor?

How I do it: See what kind of graphics card you have, in my case, ATI. Install these drivers for the Grahpics Card, then go through the setup and it should allow you to select your resolution.