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What kind of agriculture did Delaware have?


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Delaware has chicken farms, and Community Supported Agriculture programs that sell a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. They also grow corn and soybeans.


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agriculture (fishing) and manufacturing (lumbering)

Delaware was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuet and other companions. They did cause of the trade and agriculture.


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colonial life in delawarein colonial delaware,fishing,hunting,blacksmith

fish, agriculture, paper money things of that nature.

millners,fisherman, trading, agriculture, and a very little farmers

the people that lived in Delaware were puritans (not true)

Fishing, Petrochemicals, Agriculture, Defense,Government employees and software designers.

the main jobs were: agriculture and lumber and shoemaking an other stuff

The kind of animals that Delaware has that Illinois does not is beavers and river otters. They also have horseshoe crabs and Illinois does not.

Agriculture products in Mississippi include chickens, cotton, and soybeans.

The Delaware colony was started for trade, agriculture, and profit. This colony was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit. The main agricultural crops grown were indigo, rice, and grain.

The two main reasons for the founding of Delaware were the trade and agricultural opportunity that the state presented. The soil was fertile which was the main reason for agriculture and it had thriving forests for manufacturing and lumber.

ANSWER:With the changing of the colony from the Dutch, to the Swedish, and the English, the colony of Delaware was founded in the year of 1638.When it came to economics, trade and agriculture were the major ways of growing the economy.Delaware had fertile and rich land that was perfect for farming. The Delaware River was used in the process of trade.

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There are three major types of agriculture that are used throughout the world. The first kind is organic agriculture. This type of agriculture foregoes pesticides and GMOs. The second type is industrial agriculture. This is main stream farming, done on huge tracts of land. The third kind is crop agriculture. This is the type generally used by small farmers.

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The Delaware Indians couldÊlive in longhouses or in villages made up ofÊwigwam. The Delaware tribe lived in areas, such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

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