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In 1904, the Athletics won the AL pennant and the Giants won the NL pennant. Giants' manager John McGraw refused to participate in what would have been the 2nd World Series (the AL Boston Pilgrims defeated the NL Pittsburgh Pirates the year before). His feeble excuse was that the A's were a bunch of "white elephants" (a term that meant "useless"). Undaunted, A's owner/manager Connie Mack decided to make the white elephant the team mascot. Actually, the elephant has appeared as blue, red, and (currently) green on A's uniforms. And, let's not forget that from 1961-1980, the A's mascot was a mule named Charlie O.


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The team name for Harvard University athletics is the Crimson. Unofficially, their mascot is John Harvard, an Englishman for whom the school is named after.

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sure it is depending on what kind of theme you want a mascot for

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The Mascot for Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey Seems to Be the Clifton Mustang. the Athletics Teams at That Public School Seems to Be Have That Mascot.

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Marching bands can have any kind of animal as a mascot - but goats are particularly common. There are many examples of Goat Majors in the British Army.

If the school mascot is a costumed person, then responsibilities could be to attend games or coordinate with the sports director. If the mascot is a live animal (as at LSU), this could entail learning to feed or care for the animal.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games mascot is a friendly tiger named Shera.

Peruna is the name of the mascot for the Southern Methodist University. The athletic team is called the mustangs. The mascot itself is a black shetland pony.

The animal that is the mascot of Bolivia is the Llama. The Llama is found in Bolivia, it's wool is used for clothing, and some people eat Llama meat in Bolivia.

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There isn't any what do you think, dude?

The mascot for the University of Michigan is the wolverine. The school adopted this mascot because it is the state animal of Michigan.

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