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lions are cats that are bigger than house cats and are dangerous also they eat deer!


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elephants, lions and all those kind of animals

Tigers, birds, lions, leopards and other animals

Lions and tiger and bears. Ooh! My!

whatever animals they want..........even small dogsLions eat meet fish eat any small things this in kind animal

Carnivors: such as lions, tigers and bears

Lion cubs are wild animals. They are neither kind nor cruel.

lions and tigers and bears oh my

carnivores can be like bears lions jaguars pumas

No lions are not domestic animals.

There are gorillas,elaphants,birds,lions,tigers,mammals,girraffes,invertabretes,and sea animals.

yes there are some animals that live in Kalahari they are ... Kalahari lions and mongose

bears and lions are two types of animals that live their it also have small creates

They eat all kind of animals mostly zebra or wildebeest

It's possible that lions or tigers eat flamingos.

Lions eat buffalo wolves eat bison.

Tigers, Cougars, Mountain Lions, Bears, Bobcats.

Lions, African Wild Dogs, and Emu

Elephants, Monkeys, tigers, lions, cobra's and antelope are some of Thailand's native animals.

The animals that are in the temperate grasslands are bison,cheetahs,zebra,lions,gazzel, and a whole lot more.

There will be many animals. Bear, Rabbits,Frogs,Fox,Raccoons,Lions,Tigers and many more.

all sorts of animals live there such as lions tigers prairie dogs giraffes elephants and many more

they hunted salmon,sea lions,deer,and rabbits

LoL Lions, tigers and crocodiles. That kind of animals!

Lions growl as a warning to other lions or animals.

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