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Businesses that like to hide part of their revenue from the Tax Man (IRS). If you pay by debit/credit card or cheque every thing is tracable. Taking payments in cash also helps keep banking costs down. Hence it is mostly small businesses that give cash discounts to encourage you to pay them in cash enabling them to control costs and avoid small amounts of tax. Additionally, gas stations are notorious for offering cash discounts.

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Q: What kind of businesses give cash discounts?
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The kind of banks that businesses are interested in are the kind that give out large loans with low interest rates. They want banks to give them a lot of investing.

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Promo code is a kind of coupon code that entitles you for additional value/discounts/cash returns. Customers who have a Promo code can get discounts by entering the code on the payment mode screen.

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You can enjoy great credit card benefits with a cash back card. It offers major discounts on purchases of all kinds. You can get redemption on utility bills also.

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Most businesses will offer a small discount if you purchase multiple tires, although quite often you have to purchase a full set of 4 to get any discount. The best option would be to call around and see what kind of discounts may be offered at various places.

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Cardtronics offers many of bank and cash related products. Including ATM machines, cash machines, and bank machine products. Thus finding something for any businesses needs.

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There is nothing on Walgreen's career page that includes discounts on hotels for employees.

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Actually not all insurance agency can give this kind of insurance. There are agencies that can provide insurance for disabled persons based on the degree of disability. And there are agencies that can provide full insurance and discounts for disabled persons. As for my answer, it depends on the agency.

How might one get a cash reward with credit cards?

Nowadays, most credit cards give cash rewards. It depends on what kind of credit card suits your needs. Royal Bank, BMO, even CIBC offer this type of cash rewards.

What kind of senior citizen discounts?

Many airlines and hotels offer senior citizen discounts. Also many restaurant offer discounts to those who are over 65 or in the military. It is usually 10% of the total.

What airlines offer discounted travel tickets for seniors?

Almost all businesses offer some kind of senior discount. Even if an airline does not advertise senior discounts, I would still inquire as senior citizens are a big demographic for consumers.

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ya mam

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Cash transfers are direct transfer payments of money to eligible individuals to help improve their lives. Cash transfers are usually benefits which are paid by the government to the individuals in the form of cash. Money is the medium of payment. The benefit of cash transfers is that an individual can use the cash in any way that they choose. In-kind benefits, or in-kind transfers, are transfers of goods and services. Unlike cash transfers, in-kind benefits are not paid directly. Individuals receive goods and/or services for free or at a reduced rate. Through an in-kind benefit, the government specifies how the public assistance dollars must be used.

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"Discount Asp is about hosting and hosting features. They offer a variety of deals from discounts on software, training videos, and sign up discounts."

What are all businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service?


What kind of verb is give?

What kind of verb is give

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Yes. There are a lot of private hotels that are upper class that aren't on Expedia because they don't offer any kind of discounts. Expedia is only for discounts.

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