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Q: What kind of collant do you need for a Chevy Beretta?
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How many liters of coolant i need for my Chevy beretta gt 3.1 1992?


Where are the freeze plug located at?

where is the freeze plug located on a 1992 Chevy beretta and I need a picture on it also

2.2l Chevy timing chain?

i need a diagram for my 95 Chevy beretta for the 2.2L engine. I'm tryin to replace the timing chain, and i need to know what to take off and what not to take off

Wiring diagram of a 1993 Chevy beretta?

Try buying a Haynes instruction manuel for the Beretta corsica all the diagrams you would ever need are in the back of it and they should be available for under 20 dollars.

How do you replace a pin in the door on a 1989?

i need help on how to replace the pin in my 1989 Chevy beretta gt please help me

Is the steering column of an 87 Chevy Beretta automatic v4 interchangeable with an 88 Chevy Beretta manual v6 the part I really need is the dorman 83209 steering column lock actuator?

Yes! Nearly all chevy parts are interchangeable. And even pontiac parts with the same motor are interchangeable. But yes. The steering column is interchangeable

What is the cost of replacing a fuel pump on a 1996 Chevy Beretta?

I'm replacing the fuel pump in my 1996 Chevy beretta Z26 right now and so far I have spent $286.36 on the pump and $4.40 on a new retianing ring. I will still need to buy a fuel filter should be under $10.00.

Need to know what each number stands for on your fuse box on a 93 Chevy Beretta 2dr?

Get a fuse panel cover at a junk yard

What kind of engine collant do you need for a 1995 cadillac deville concours 4.6 northstar?

The Northstar engine is factory spec'ed for Dex-Cool or equivalent. Do not use standard "green" antifreeze.

How can you find out what year your Beretta M1935 is?

You will need to contact Beretta

What kind of freon do i need for a Chevy Camaro 1998?

A 1998 Chevy Camaro uses R134a.

Can you put a Chevy Cavalier engine into a 1994 Chevy Beretta?

if it is the same size. 3.1 for 3.1 or 2.2 for 2.2 go ahed and do it. you may need to switch intake or exhaust manifolds so all the wires and such line up.

How can you adjust the clutch in a manual transmission 1996 Chevy Beretta?

most clutches need free play adjustment with manual linkage is next to left side of transmition

How do you drop an oil pan on an 1989 Chevy Beretta GT?

Drain oil first, then remove the bolts that hold it up you will need a 10MM and mm Socket with extentions...

Where is the fuel pressure test port on a 1995 Chevy Beretta?

There is no schrader valve, you need to source an adapter to place between where the fuel line attaches to the intake manifold.

What is the nomenclature of the beretta px4 storm?

You will need to contact Beretta to ge a manual

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1991 Chevy Beretta V6?

It is located inside the fuel tank. You need to drop the entire tank down to replace. in the bottom of the gas tank.

What kind of oil does a 2001 Chevy Tracker need?

Recommended is 5W30

What kind of transmission fluid do i need for a 95 Chevy?


What kind of transmission does a 5.7 Chevy truck have?

Need to know the year.

How do you replace a water pump in a V6 1994 Chevy beretta?

Honestly this job is a pain in the rear, seeing as you will need to remove the pulley and the belt that runs it as well, and literally lift/angle the engine to get a good reach at the existing water pump. I have had this done on 2 different models of the same kind of beretta (3.1L v6) and I honestly recommend you find someone to do it for you at a reasonable cost, otherwise you will need much patience and a ride to get you around for a while because it will take the average home mechanic much longer to do this. For further inquiries, you may want to consider purchasing a Hyanes (or the like) manual for you specific year of beretta.. that should help.

How do you adjust the tension when replacing the alternator on a 1989 Chevy beretta?

you need to get a tool referred to as a "syrpentene belt wrench" you can rent them from most auto zones, or pick one up for about 25 bucks.

How old is a beretta with serial number 134883?

Contact Beretta. They will need the model number- which you did not give us.

What kind of transmission fluid do you need for your 1986 Chevy Cheyenne?

If it's an automatic, you'd need dexron.

What kind of transmission do you need for an 81 Chevy truck?

81 trans truck