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Tsunami cause damage to coastal areas and the amount of damage relates to the height of the wave.


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What kind of damage can a tsunami cause?

Tsunamis does total devastation destroying everything in its path.

How much damage can a tsunami cause?

it depends on how big the tsunami is

What damage can tsunami and earthquake cause?

i think there are many people poor or reach that damage if have an a tsunami and earthquake

Does tornadoes cause more damage than a tsunami?

Generally not. A tsunami can usually cause more damage because it affects a bigger area. However, a tornado can often cause worse damage in a small area.

How much damage did the Asian tsunami cause?

A lot

What damage did the japan earthquake and tsunami cause?


What are four ways earthquakes can cause damage?

It can cause damage to life and property. It can also lead to tsunami in seas.

Why is a tornado more dangerous then a tsunami?

Because tornadoes last longer than a tsunami and can cause more damage.

What is the cause of most volcanoes found on land?

Tsunami, water damage

How much monetary damage does a tsunami cause?

more than a thousand

How much damage did Japan's tsunami cause?

It damaged a lot of houses

What kind of damage can a tsunami do to buildings?

A tsunami can completely destroy building. Even if it doesn't completely destroy it, it can still do major damage causing it to come off of its foundation.

Is a tsunami a one large wave?

Not necessarily. A tsunami may actually consist of several waves. A tsunami wave does not have to be particularly large to cause major damage.

What kind of damage can a tsunami do?

Tsunamis does total devastation destroying everything in its path.

What are three ways that earthquakes can cause damage?

Damage to houses or structures.Wreck land or fields with crops.Or it can cause a tsunami and can destroy the coast.You are welcome.

What is a tsunamis-?

A tsunami is caused by an earthquake that occurs under the sea. The tsunami is produced which is a large wave that can cause severe damage on land.

What is an Incendiarys bomb and what kind of damage it cause?

what is an Incendiary bomb and what damage does it cause

How much damage in terms of money did the Boxing Day tsunami cause?

Over 45,341,000,000

How do tsunamis cause floods?

they can cause floods because they are huge waves and if they hit shore... BOOM! that tsunami can cause a lot of damage.

What damage can earthquake tsunami and landslide cause?

The earthquake will crack the ground and shake strongly; The tsunami will flood the place; The landslide will destroy bulidings

What kind of damage did the haleakala volcano cause?

damage that mt.Haleakala cause in its last eruption?

What kind of damage can volcanoes do?

Volcanoes can cause a Lot of damage

What kind of destruction does a tornado cause?

they cause this kind of destructionEF0 minor to no damageEF1 moderate damageEF2 considerable damageEF3 severe damageEF4 devastating damageEF5 incredible damage

What waves cause damage to property?

Waves from the ocean which come up with force or depth can cause damage to property. Compressional waves or tsunami waves are an example of these seismic waves.

How does a tsunami work?

A Tsunami works bye the sea pushing it's self backwards and mysteriously crashes backwards as a huge wave and can cause damage to buildings unfortunately it can posssible suck you up and kill you however every Tsunami leaves a flood and a lot of damage