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What kind of diet should a thirteen year old female that is five foot nine inches go on?

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That would depend on how much you weigh, not how tall you are. A 5'9" girl that only weighed 110 pounds would look anorexic. You can not judge your weight based upon what some little 5'2" snot weighs and think you are fat because you weigh more than she does. In 10 years she will be gushing about how she always wished she was tall with long legs like you. Unless there is a determination of morbid obesity (by a medical doctor), there is no reason for any kind of diet other than normal nutrition.

Get about 1,500 calories per day, and most importantly, do approximately 90 minutes of simple, light aerobics (like a easy fun walk in the park, throwing a Frisbee, skating, or playing tennis or Golf) and you will be healthy, trim (but not skanky skinny) and well toned without being "muscular".

2007-06-21 04:43:41
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What is the average weight of a thirteen female?

It all depends on the height of the person and the physical activity they do and their diet.

How big does a female rottweiler get?

Female Rottweilers average between 22 - 25 inches at the shoulder.Weight varies for each dog, depending on Genetics, diet and whether an owner overfeeds them. Should be around the 42kg mark for female.

What is a safe diet for 65 year old female?

A safe diet for a 65 year old female would be a low fat diet. Fat should be limited to about 55 grams or less per day. Calorie intake should not exceed 1700.

What should the diet of a thirteen year old be?

The same as everybody's. Fruit, veg and steak. Grow upbig, strong and healthy

How much does a thirteen year old girl who is five feet and three inches suppose to weigh?

A thirteen year old girl who is five feet and three inches is supposed to weigh between 86.4 lbs and 127 lbs. Actual weight depends on factors to include metabolism, diet and level of activity.

How much should I way I am a 15 year old female with the night of 5'6 Any ideas on how much I should weigh for a healthy diet?

For a healthy diet, you should weight around 115 lbs if you are a 15 year old female with the height of 5'6.

What is a good diet for a 26 year old female?

A good diet for a 26 year old female is a diet packed with lean protein, complex carbohydrates and veggies. Females should also increase their calcium intake and include a calcium supplement as well.

Can you gain 3 inches in height?

It depends on your age , daily exercise , diet , sleep and gender .If your a teenager and you want three inches in a year its definitely possible .If you are above 23 ( male ) or 21 ( Female ) then it will be a rare case .

What is the best way to lose inches on your stomuch for a man?

The best way for a man to lose inches on his stomach is for him to engage in physical activity. He should also make an adjustment to his diet.

Is 1500 calorie diet?

A healthy male adult should ingest 2700 calories per day and a healthy adult female should ingest 2200 calories per day. so yes for an adult 1500 calories is a diet.

A balanced diet should contain what percentage carbohydrates?

In a balanced diet 45-65% of the diet should come from carbohydrates, 20-35% of the diet should come from fats, and 10-35% of the diet should come from protein.

How safe is the protein diet for a teenage girl?

Dieting for a teenager, regardless or male or female, is not recommended except for the very obese. A teenage girl should have about 20% of her diet from protein according to Web MD.

How do i lose inches around my waist?

Go an a diet.

Should you do the crash diet or the healthy diet?

You should never should change your lifestyle. There is no need to crash the diet if you want to lose your weight without any problem .

Where can you get a female swimmers diet?

Please give a website

How many calories should a 5'10 female consume in a day?

1,800 to 2,000 calories, assuming she partakes in moderate exercise and eats a healthy diet.

What are some diet tips for thirteen year old girl?

Cut down on junk food and soda, its hard.

What percent of your diet should be fats?

At least 20% of your diet should consist of fats.

You should eat salads in our diet?

i think you should eat salad while on a diet.

How long should you go on a liquid diet?

How long should u be on a liquid diet

How Should A thirteen Year Old Lose Weight?

You should talk to your doctor or parents about the best way to lose weight. Whatever you do, don't go on a crash diet!!! They are very bad for your health. Remember you could always just excercise and eat healthier.

What should be present in the human diet in the highest percentage?

The highest percentage of your diet should be carbohydrates.

What are some diet tips for a thirteen year old girl?

drink plenty of water and green tea and chew gum.

What should a healthy BMI be for a 40 year old female weighing 150lbs height 5feet 4inches tall?

A 40 year old female weighing 150 lbs height 5 feet 4 inches tall does not have a healthy BMI. The previous answer is Incorrect A 40 yr old female height of 5'4, a healthy BMI is 18.5 thru 24.9. I ask my doctor for a diet pill an he advised he could not prescribe one because my BMI was 25 but should be 30 an I weigh 145lbs an I am 5'4 an I also just turned 40yrs old!!

If you are 4 feet 8 inches how much should you weigh?

It does not matter how tall or how short you are, it matters on your body type and diet! there is no right weight for any one person.