What kind of diseases can you get from lack of nutrition?

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There are numerous diseases related to nutrition. Vitamin deficiency are some of the common one. B and C vitamins are water soluble and are not stored in you body for long periods of time. Vitamins act as a catalysts to allow our bodies to absorb and utilize the food that we eat. Scurvy is a vitamin C (ascorbic acid) deficiency. Beri beri is a vitamin B-1 (thiamine) deficiency. Pernicious anemia is a vitamin B-12 deficiency(cyanocabalamin) etc.
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Which diseases are related to poor nutrition?

\n. \nThere are many disease caused by poor nutrition, overeating and undereating. These cause Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Anorexia, just to start the list then there is the followon effect of liver and pancreatic disease from lack of vitamins and nutrients.

What are the diseases occur from lack of confidence?

High the other issues that may generate due to lack of confidenceare - 1. Not valuing yourself, it may consider as hating your self. 2. Over thinking about yourself or simply over self obsessed. 3. Feeling worthless. 4. Oversensitive, thinking unnecessary about any issue. 5. Fear, anxiety and stress ( Full Answer )

What disease is caused by lack of fats?

Many medical problems can be caused by insufficient fats in one's diet. Loss of cell wall integrity, vulnerability to myelin sheaths around nerves, inability of the body to make certain essential hormones, interruption in menses in women, and more.

What diseases caused by lack of exercise?

Results show that lack of exercise can lead to heart disease more than smoking can. It causes people to become overweight and obesity ! Physical activity also prevents blood clots , high blood pressure , chance of developing type 2 diabetes . Physical activity makes you feel good about yourse ( Full Answer )

Disease caused by lack of Food?

Lack_Of_Food"> Lack Of Food I forgot but it has the word nutrients in it or something. I learned about it in Social Studies in 7th grade. Malnutrition

What diseases can lack of exercise lead to?

Results show that lack of exercise can lead to heart disease more than smoking can. It causes people to become overweight and obesity ! Physical activity also prevents blood clots , high blood pressure , chance of developing type 2 diabetes . Physical activity makes you feel good about yourse ( Full Answer )

What diseases are related to poor nutrition?

Most diseases have a nutritional basis since good nutrition supports a healthy immune system to ward off infectious diseases.. There are some nutritional deficiencies that produce serious health issues with specific names, such as scurvy which results from a deficiency of vitamin C. Other such dise ( Full Answer )

Diseases caused from a lack of protein?

I am not sure if its a disease but I believe lack of protein can cause obesity. Because protein breaks down the food slowly which keeps us fuller for longer, and it helps our muscles build.

Disease caused by lack of fats?

Well a diet to low in fat can cause malnutrition from fat-soluble essential nutrients. This causes deficiency diseases. For example, rickets can be caused by lack of vitamin D, a fat soluble nutrient. Vitamin K deficiency is often result of fat malabsorption and that can result in hemorrhagic diseas ( Full Answer )

Is Lack of nutrition bad for you?

Yes; your body will not be as strong or fit as possible and it will be easier for you to get sick or injured.

What nutrition is lacking in fast food?

Fast food, in general, is prepared with high fat frying. Fast food often does not include low fat dairy, vegetables, or fruits that constitute a balanced and healthy diet. It is possible to eat a mostly nutritious meal at a fast food restaurant. Order a grilled chicken sandwich, add some vegetabl ( Full Answer )

What disease does Lack of vitamin A cause?

Can cause eye problems such as a lack of night vision,tiredness and skin problems vitamin A , just like any other vitamin it have no calories or in more nerdy way it cant provide enough ATP (basic unit or currency of energy in our body) BUT it is reffered to as vital for life because it is involved ( Full Answer )

Diseases from poor nutrition?

Probably the most and least obvious is obesity. One usually associates "poor nutrition" with undereating. Maybe more dangerous is overeating, resulting in overfeeding with undernutrition. This leads to all sorts of problems: hypertension, high blood lipids, glucose intolerance where one still makes ( Full Answer )

What do vegetarians lack in nutrition?

A well balanced vegetarian diet need not lack any nutrition! . Let's reframe the question: What do meat eaters lack in nutrition? . Any person, whether vegetarian or non vegetarian, needs to eat a balanced diet or they will lack nutrition. . However, vegetarians can lack essential nutrients if th ( Full Answer )

Role of nutrition in the prevention of diseases?

In a recent review, Using Nutrition for Intervention and Prevention against Environmental Chemical Toxicity and Associated Diseases, Hennigetal (2007) set out to find evidence to make the recommendation that nutrition should be considered a necessary variable in the study of human disease associated ( Full Answer )

What disease is caused by a lack of Iodine?

A goiter, which becomes obvious by a very visible swelling on the side of the neck.Your thyroid gland needs iodine to function properly. It is located astride your trachea and butterflies out on both sides. Goiter can be a sign or hyper- or hypo-thyroidism. Either way, consult your doctor . This is ( Full Answer )

What diseases are caused by the lack of iron?

If you are lacking in iron, the most common problem you are likely to get is anaemia. Iron deficiency anaemia isn't really a disease, it's a medical condition. You can look it up on wikipedia or health websites.

What Diseases are caused by lack of malnutrition?

Malnutrition doesn't directly cause disease but it leaves a person susceptible to a host of diseases and deficiency diseases, these include: Kwashiorkor Marasmus Mental retardation Pellagra Beriberi Rickets Osteomalacia Osteoporosis Diabetes Iron deficiency anemia Growth retardation (:

What disease is caused by lack of zinc?

In my son, I see more aggressive behavior and chewing on clothes, seat belts, bed sheets, fingers, etc. I give him his weight in mg of zinc. Some say to add 20mg to that amount, but I don't. After a while the issues stop and I discontinue use so as to not get toxic. Eventually, the symptoms come bac ( Full Answer )

What diseases do you get from lack of vitamin c?

Scurvy - which is a disease that many 'pirates' got overseas because there was a lack of fresh fruit (which contained vitamin C). It caused their teeth to go mouldy and their gums to rot.

A lack of protein can cause what disease?

Hypoproteinemia is a decreased level of protein(s) in the blood. It occurs when protein is not properly absorbed during digestion (protein-losing gastroenteropathy). This can be caused by several gastrointestinal conditions, including impaired pancreatic function, bacterial overgrowth in the small i ( Full Answer )

What diseases are due to lack of vitamins?

Scurvy is due to a deficiency in vitamin C. Rickets is due to a deficiency in Vitamin D. Pernicious anaemia can develop from a deficiency in Vitamin B12.

What disease is caused by lack of phosphorous?

As phosphorous is found in all living cells, unless one lives off plastic, a deficiency is nigh impossible. However, it would basically be pretty much the opposite to the functions of phosphorous, that is, a deficiency would cause teeth and bones to be weak and general fatigue would also occur.

What diseases do you get if you lack vitamin b?

Vitamin B is widely used by your nervous system. The mere consummation of huge quantities of sugar (e.g. used in your coffee) can vanish your vitamin B deposits. Then the nervous system imbalance and degeneration occurs. Eating cereals is a good way to supply your body with the B complex quantiti ( Full Answer )

What disease is caused by lack of vitamin a?

Carrots contain beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. But there's more to vitamin A than beta-carotene. Vitamin A falls into a much larger family of nutrients called carotenoids. Many carotenoids provide health benefits. In general carotenoids work as http://healthyanswers.com/multi-vitamin/ ( Full Answer )

How does a lack of toilets spread disease?

because people poop in other places where the waste is not properly disposed of, it can then support bacteria and fungi, which can get back into the food chain.

Which disease is cause by lack ofvitamin A?

In early childhood, blindness. Later on, various problems with immune system, cancer, etc. Most commonly, night blindness if the person isn't completely blind from a lack of Vitamin A in youth.

How can nutrition prevent stress and diseases?

An organism requires various substances from the environment in order to grow and thrive. Appropriate levels of various nutrients allow the systems of the organism to function at optimum efficiency. In the particular case of humans, a healthy diet can prevent diseases of over nutrition (obesity, typ ( Full Answer )

Can lack of sleep cause disease?

Sometimes as your body needs to recover from a long day and to take in what has happened through the day.You can get sick by being run down and not getting enough sleep.So definitely make sure you get your 8 hours:)

What disease is cause by lack of calcium?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that presents as decreased bone density and alteration of proteins in the bone. This causes a much increased risk of bone fractures. There are three classifications of the disease: Postmenopausal osteoporosis (primary type 1) which occurs in women after menopause, seni ( Full Answer )

Which diseases are caused by lack of dopamine?

Parkinson's, depression, anxiety. Destruction of substantia nigra in the basal ganglia leads to movement disorders, lack of the dopamine in the limbic system leads to emotional disturbances such as depression, anxiety, some roles in schitophrenia, etc.

What disease is cause by a nutritional deficiency?

There are many diseases that result from different types ofnutritional deficiencies. Malnutrition in general can lead todevelopmental problems, especially in the childhood years.

What disease can be caused by lack of iron?

Low iron will result in poor oxygen uptake, weakness, dizziness and a general feeling of being unhealthy. Anemia is also a result of low iron. It's a decrease in the number of blood cells you have in your body.

What four diseases are associated with nutrition?

Just four? Check out this list: A poor diet can mean an unbalanced diet, or insufficient food, orunhealthy foods. One or more of these three can cause (orexacerbate) any of the following: anemia, beri beri, pellagra, scurvy, rickets, heart and artery disease, diabetes, goiter, liver disease, osteopo ( Full Answer )

What diseases relate to poor nutrition?

You have marasmus due calorie deficiency. You have Kwashiorkar's syndrome due to protein deficiency. You have night blindness, Bitot's spots, keratomalacia, corneal ulcer, blindness and toad's skin due to Vitamin A deficiency. You have rickets and osteomalacia due to Vitamin D deficiency. You have d ( Full Answer )