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There are a number of dramatic effects that are often used in theater. Some of these are suspense, and dramatic irony.

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What kind of book is twilight?


What kind of a poem is hunger?

dramatic and monologuous.

What kind of poem is incident in a Rose Garden?

A dramatic poem

What kind of tone does Shakespeare create with the dialog in Romeo and Juliet?

romantic and dramatic.

Dramatic irony in the book The Stranger by Albert Camus?

Dramatic irony is where the reader knows something happening, going to happen that the characters in the book don't know. Since the book is written as a narrative, it's kind of impossible to have dramatic irony.

What kind of irony does The gift of the Magi have?

the type of irony could be situational or dramatic or both

What is the acting style in morality plays?

very dramatic, kind of like bold and the beautiful

What kind of irony is used in Romeo and Juliet?

Dramatic irony is predominantly used in Romeo and Juliet.

What is dramatic imagery?

Dramatic imagery is how dramatic an image is:) .... you're welcome

What is dramatic speech?

Dramatic speech is the foundation of dramatic work. The technique of dramatic speech is an essential element in the art of acting.

What is more important efficiency or effectiveness?


What part of speech is effectiveness?

Effectiveness is a noun.

What is dramatic tone?

very dramatic

What is the comparative for dramatic?

more dramatic

What kind of magnesium do you take with Adderall?

Alkalyzing agents increase the effectiveness of adderall. For magnesium, either Magnesium Hydroxide or magnesium chelate, or magnesium anything really. As long as the Mg2+ ion is formed, ampetamine effectiveness is increased.

Can you use a bow and arrow for Halloween?

kind of, it would be super dangerous so i suggest you don't do anything dramatic with it

What was a dramatic moment in William Shakespeare's life?

Shakespeare's life was not dramatic. It was his plays which were dramatic.

What is a Dramatic Description?

It is a dramatic description. A description that is a bit dramatic than what it should actually be.

What is most important for the organization efficiency or effectiveness?


How do you use effectiveness in a sentence?

The effectiveness of this answer remains to be seen.

What is the dramatic effectiveness of the vision of the dagger in Macbeth?

Foreshadows the death of Macbeth and helps him see his guilt when he sees the blood of Duncan on his hands. Foreshadows the death of Macbeth and helps him see his guilt when he sees the blood of Duncan on his hands.

What are dramatic actions?

actions that are used dramatic

What does melodramatic acting involve?

It involves being extremely dramatic in situations that otherwise would not be dramatic. It is not just extremely dramatic acting but over dramatic.

What is an example of a short dramatic poetry?

How was I To Know is an example of a short dramatic poetry. The short dramatic poetry is also called dramatic monologue poems.

What kind of music does the piano play?

The piano plays different kinds of music such as slow and fast and dramatic and other kinds!

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