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i think you need 2 get a college master in medicl exemener

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Q: What kind of education does a crime scene examiner need?
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What other kind of detectives are there that deals with homicides but doesn't go to the scene?

The medical examiner does their investigation with the body at the medical examiner's office; however, most medical examiners have a representative visit the crime scene.

What kind of sentence can you make using the word guiltlessly?

I guiltlessly walked away from the crime scene.

In what profession would you use the acronym soco?

The most common use of the acronym SOCO is Scene of Crime Operatives. In many countries Scene of Crime Operatives is used as a title for a specific kind of police work.

What kind of people examines skeletons at the crime scene?

They are known as Medical Examiners, Coroners, Forensic Technicians (CSI's).

What kind of people will you work with in crime scene investigation?

Mostly law enforcement officers, both uniformed and detectives.

What kind of personality is needed for crime scene investigator?

A crime scene investigator should have a high level of professionalism and the ability to have composure in regard to the gruesome things they see. They must be problem solvers and have great communication skills to speak with other team members.

Do crime scene investigators get a break?

What, exactly, are you asking? They get vacations, days off, holidays, sick leave. . . what kind of "break" are you asking about?

What kind of evidence does a crime scene investigator collect at a crime scene?

Hair fibers, finger prints, DNA, blood samples, weapon, anything to do with the crime. Not just things that the person has left behind but also personal things from the crime scene that belong to the victim to help determine who would have committed the crime, like mobile phones computers, certain types of work. also the background of the victim can be gathered by other people at the house or store and testimonies of people who live near or were passing are helpful.

What kind of special training do you need to be a crime scene investigator?

Start in the police academy and then you are fly like those guys on man hunters

What kind of doctor determines how a person died?

This kind of doctor is referred to as Coroner or Medical Examiner.

What kind of schooling do you need to be a medical examiner in Wisconsin?

High schooling.

What kind of experience do you need to be a csi?

You would need to learn how to stop criminals, study bodies very carefully, and of course study the crime scene!

What is the importance of microscope in the field of forensic chemistry?

microscope is the brain of chemistry because this is the equipment we use to find out what kind of chemical see in the crime scene.

What kind of benefits does a crime scene investigator offer?

If you are referring to a Police Crime Scene Investigator then the benefits are the resources available to that investigator. Public agencies often partner in investigating crimes. The state patrol has crime labs and technicians that will respond and assist. A Police Crime Scene Investigator often brings a large amount of experience to the investigation. They are constantly working in this area of law enforcement. They also have more equipment at their fingertips. A Private Crime Scene Investigator will normally bring experience, and tenaciousness. A private crime scene investigator has more time to focus on that one scene. Where a police crime scene investigator often must move on to the next case, or the public agency funding is preventing them to put as much time as they need to on the investigation. Recently in Lacey, WA they had 2 homicides back to back. This is strenuous on a medium sized agency and they may need to reach out for assistance. This is not television where CSI has the case completed in 30 minutes, and do the interviews and arrest. More often than not the crime scene investigator works closely with the lead investigating officer who handles the interviews and potentially the arrest.

What is the main idea of N.C.I.S?

It's kind of like CSI in that it's crime scene investigations, but it's focused on naval crimes instead of civilian crimes.

Kidnapping is classified as what kind of crime?

A Felony - a Capital Crime - a Crime of Moral Turpitude.

What kind of evidence does a crime scene investigator collect?

they collect thing like fingerprints, DNA samples (from blood, cigarette butts. etc.) fibres, and weapons that may have been used, clothes, everything that may have been involved in the crime or has blood on.

What kind of crime is in Addis Ababa?

Mostly theft and property crime. Violent crime is rare

What kind of education Mozart have?

A cool education

Who performs autopsies?

I myself watch a lot of crime shows. so the knowledge i have of autopsies is slim but enough. An M.E (medical examiner) performs autopsies and then sends any evidence or DNA to forensic scientist who examine it. ~ The medical doctors that specialize in that kind of thing are pathologists. Generally, if you die and an autopsy is done by the hospital it will be a pathologist doing it. As the above poster points out if there is a suspicion of a crime the medical examiner may do a complete or partial autopsy. Medical examiners are government employees who are usually pathologists by training but may be medical professionals with other credentials. In some places the medical examiner may not even be a doctor (although we are seeing less and less of that).

Who designs the jewelry worn on Crime Scene Investigation tv show?

I've noticed Sara Sidle's necklaces kind of look like Me & Ro jewelry ( Just a guess though!

How do you know If knife crime is going to be a risk?

Any kind of crime involves risk. You can be charged with a crime. Right?

What kind of crime is graffiti?


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There are many different kinds of assault. Spitting on someone is a kind of assault. Assault certainly can be a heinous crime if it is a severe kind of assault. If it is a minor assault, then the crime is not heinous.

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