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because it relaxes your muscles

A cooldown is important because it allows your heart to return to normality gradually without shocking the body

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It is important to cool down after exercise so that you do not hurt yourself. Cooling down after exercise allows your muscles to adapt to a new less-stressful motion.

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Flexibility exercise (This is the right answer:)

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You normally walk around a bit to cool down.

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Q: What kind of exercise should you do when you are cooling down after an intense workout?
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What kind of exercise should you when your cooling down after an intense workout?

flexibility training

What kind of exercise should you do when you're cooling down after an intense workout?

flexability excersise.

How soon after vigorous exercise should you start your cool-down?

Depending on the exercise and the method used for cooling down. Don't do it immedietly after your workout. Have some water and then begin.

Mhr should be calculated?

b. during an intense exercise routine

If you do not have enough time to complete a full workout, you should:?

Cut the exercise portion short.

What should I put on my workout calendar?

The best place to put your workout calendar is in your home gym or on your refrigerator. If it is in your gym, it will serve as a guide while you exercise, if it is on the fridge, it can serve as a daily reminder to exercise.

What are three components of a well-balanced exercise?

The three components of a workout are: warm-up, workout, and stretching.

Are there maternity workout clothes?

Yes there are maternity workout clothing, the idea is that while pregnant you should still exercise to increase the health of the baby and yourself.

What should a woman eat after exercise?

The same as what a man should eat after a workout. Basic Protein. It helps the development of muscles. :]

How long before exercise should you eat?

One should wait at least one hour after eating to exercise. Allowing your body to digest the food before working out can prevent nausea during intense exercise.

When using cardio machines at the gym to lose weight or fat is it better to have a high intense workout by running or a low intense workout by walking?

Intense exercise increases endurance and challenges your body more than low-intensity exercise. Also, high intensity exercise like weight lifting increases muscle mass, which is very metabolically active. This means that it raises your metabolism and burns calories even while you aren't working out. That's more than you can say for running half an hour on the treadmill, which might just burn off a doughnut. It all depends on your health and current fitness level. Weight reduction exercise should be "aerobic", meaning that you should not get to the point where muscles are not getting enough oxygen. You should exercise at a level where you are able to talk comfortably, without gasping or feeling out of breath. That level of exercise increases with general fitness and is dependant on your fitness level at the time of your exercise. You can perform calculations based on your age to determine the best cardio "rate" for exercise. That target rate will give you a target pulse rate to achieve when exercising, but in general, a half hour to an hour of cardio exercise, at a level where you can still talk without gasping, will be about all of the calculation that you need. Good luck in your exercise program.

What do the experts say about the beach body diet plan?

Unfortunately I was unable to find any reviews that appeared to be from a reliable expert source. WebMD does have a review of the "Insanity" workout plan from the Beachbody company, which points out that the workout is exactly as the name implies. Intense! Beginners, people that are out of shape, or special needs should look for a less intense workout program.