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take one to wal-mart and find the ones that look like it. they come in multiple sizes and amperages

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Q: What kind of fuses are needed in a 1995 Dodge Dakota pickup?
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Dodge Dakota brake lights?

dodge 2001 Dakota brake lights won't burn Check the fuses. If the fuses are okay check the brake light switch.

Where are the fuses on a 2002 dodge Dakota?

Some of the fuses for a 2002 Dodge Dakota are on the driver's side end of the dash, accessible when you open the door. However, the main fuse box is under the hood behind the battery.

Your brakes lights does not work on your 1996 Dodge Dakota?

what will make the brake light not work on a 1996 dodge dakota? fuses are good and bulbs are good

Where are fuses located in a 2007 dodge ram pickup truck?

All fuses are under the hood, in the box next to the battery.

In1997 Dodge Dakota all of the dashboard indicators have stopped working?

Check fuses

Where are fuses at for blower motor on 1994 dodge Dakota?

30 amp fuse in fuse box.

How do you fix your gas gauge on a 1995 dodge Dakota truck?

check your cables, fuses and your float

Where can you find a diagram for the fuses and relays in a 1994 Dodge Dakota Sport?

go buy a reference manual

Taillights and License plate lights not working is it a wiring problem on a dodge Dakota?

Start with checking the fuses.

What is the exact location of the fuse for the radio on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Radio & Interior Lights fuses.

Where are the fuses on a 2005 dodge Dakota?

Under the hood in a black box drivers side behind the battery

Why wont your dash lights work on 1996 dodge Dakota fuses are all good?

Switch most likely.

Blower motor good but won't come on for 2004 Dodge Dakota?

Check relay, fuses then control head.

Why does my headlight fuses keep blowing out on your 2005 dodge ram pickup 1500 v8?

Short in the wiring is the most likely cause.

What breakers are in the power distribution box of a 1996 dodge ram pickup?

There are no breakers, only fuses in the under hood fuse box.

I have replaced my coil pick up coil and checked the fuses on my 99 dodge Dakota with no spark where do i look now?

crank sensor

1988 Dodge Dakota Fuel Pump relay Location?

The fuel pump relay on a 1988 Dodge Dakota truck is located in the engine compartment, near the fire wall. It is contained in a water tight box which houses a number of relays and fuses.

1993 dodge Dakota will not fire?

I have a 1995 dodge Dakota that didnt fire either first go for the cheaper step and check the fuses if its not that check the crank shaft sensor that is what mine turned out to be. it was only 60 dollars for the part and 5 minutes of my time.

Where is the light fuse in a 1991 dodge Dakota?

under the hood, in battery fuse box, under lid tells what fuse is for what, these are larger fuses.

Dash gauges not working?

What is the vehicle? late 90's dodge? 97 Dakota, Check fuses

No spark at plugs on 2001 dodge Dakota?

check your distributor cap and rotor, check the coil, check the wires, check fuses for ignition.

Where is the turn signal fuse on a 2000 dodge Dakota?

2000 Dodge Dakota Fuse Issues: Your owner's manual is the best place to locate your fuse box(es) and identify your fuses. Don't rule out that your issue is being caused by a bad bulb too - so check fuses and bulbs. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

How do you test the air conditioner switch on a Dodge Dakota?

My 2001 Dodge Dakota R/T 's blower fan for the a/c unit quit working in mid use. I checked all fuses, and relays, with no success. Does anyone know how to remove the fan switch, and test it?

Dodge Stratus Radio?

are there fuses for the radio

What fuses go where in a 1986 Toyota pickup?