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What kind of girls do cold guys like?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-29 05:18:36

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I have no idea why any woman would be interested in a cold guy when there are so many great guys out there. Most men do have feelings, but there is a low percentage of actual males (and females) with no morals and absolutely no love inside and they are a "waste of skin to society." Some men can be troubled from a bad up-bringing, others have been abused and then there are just the plain mean to the bone guys. They don't particularly like any type of woman and as long as she's sucker enough to play the game along with him then that's all he cares about. A warning! Beware! These guys can be dangerous and a woman could get into a lot of trouble.

2006-08-29 05:18:36
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What kind of girls do british guys like?

Most guys like most girls...

What kind of guys like punk rock girls?

ballerina guys generallly like punk rock girls

What kind of guys do Korean girls like?

Korean girls can like anyone really. it all dpeneds on what there taste in guys are.

What kind of girls does most guys like?

Most of guys likes beautiful girls but this doesn't mean they married them.

What kind of personality do guys like?

Guys do not like trashy, whorey, bossy, nasty girls. They like smart sexy intelligent girls who have a sense of humor

Do girls like guys with abs?

matters what kind of girl

What do guys look for in a girls image?

Guys like pretty tall sophisticated girls. its good to have a sence of humor and the skill to listen and understand. guys like girls who are confident and brave. but at the same time need their help. (not the needy kind) guys like girls with pretty hair.

Do guys like girls who cuss?

it completely depends on what kind of guy it is and what kind of girl you are

Do girls like fat guys?

most girls dont like really fat guys like beer belly or anything like that but if a guy is kind of chubby but is not lazy then that can be really sexy but then again some girls like really muscuar guys (but not like body builder muscular) but if you are short and fat then not many girls are gonna like you girls like really tall guys

Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

What kind of flirting do guys like?

guys like girls who would do anything with them and be with them all the time and they like thing like holding hand , kissing , and are kind of he same to they guy

What kind of clothes do guys like on girls?

Whith a short dress

What kind of guys like girly girls?

mostly the hot jocks

Do guys like mean girls?

No they like hot and sweet girls They usually like sweet, kind, hot girls so if your mean I would try not to be if I were you. but I guess some guys might like mean girls. (maybe) here is a web link about what guys look for in girls:

Do girls like shy guys?

yes some girls like shy guys but sometimes you have to come out of ur shell so the girl can find out wat kind of guy you are Kind, sensitive guys can be attractive to girls, but you can't be a push over. Girls go for jerks because they are confident and know what they want.

What kind of perfume do guys like on girls?

the good smelling kind. Love, The love expert.

What do girls like from a guy?

Well there smile,smart or not to smart ,he have to be kind,and be kind .well I like guys that are kind of smart and there smile.

What kind of girls are mostly men into?

guys like girls with HUGE TITTIES or just plain hot

What kind of girls do emo gys like?

This is very stereotypical to start with, but 'emo' guys generally like girls who are emotional too, as in can understand them, and don't judge when they like to talk emotions. But 'emo' guys like all guys differ.

I am a sweeter guy i help girls if they ned help im not tall macho or like a football guybut why dont girls like sweet guys?

I like sweet guys. Maybe you aren't into the right kind of girls.

What kind of girls do guys like the best?

Guys like girl who are themselves all the time and are smart. They hate it when girls try to be something they're not. They love inner beauty.

What sort of guys do girls like?

kind boys big arms your look

Do guys like it when girls ask them out?

It depends, there are some guys who like it when girls ask them out but there are also guys who prefer to do the asking and hate aggressive girls. So you really can't tell, try to get to know the guy first and see what kind of a guy he is.

Do girls like guys or just cars and money?

Some girls are awesome, and like guys for who they are, some girls like guys cause they're hot, and some jerky girls like guys for their money and their cars.

Do guys like girls with tight shirts?

Some guys like girls with tight shirts; some guys like girls with baggy shirts; some guys like girls with large chests; some guys like girls with small chests; some guys don't like girls at all. You see, it's all a matter of personal taste and preference.