What kind of government did the Shah of Iran lead?

Answer 1

The Shah of Iran was a friend of the United States and was very cooperative regarding policy between Iran and the U.S. It is counterproductive to label the leadership as simply A, B, or C.

What is important to realize is Iran has the third largest oil reserve in the world. The style of government in Iran is constantly changing depending on who is maneuvering for control at any given time.

The Shah stole billions of dollars from the people of Iran and Jimmy Carter gave him refuge (a favor) in the United States. As a result, Iranian students captured 50 Americans as a way to ask for the Shah to be returned to face justice.

Thirty years later, the government has evolved from a corrupt weak democracy under the Shah to strict religious rule.

Answer 2

The above answer, while detailing the writer's personal view on Iranian History does not actually answer the question. The Shah of Iran ruled as a Constitutional Monarch with very broad powers. The Parliament that existed during his rule was subject to corrupt elections and many personal appointments. He was involved in much of the country's rulership and directed the SAVAK or Secret Iranian Police who were known for torturing dissidents.