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There is a bicameral legislature. The government is headed by a prime minister who is appointed by the President. The lower house of parliament is directly elected, the senate is indirectly elected. The President is elected every five years (until recently, every seven). When the President belongs to the same party as the parliamentary majority, he calls the shots, but when he belongs to a different party, he takes a backseat role (except possibly in foreign policy) whilst the parliamentary majority decides on policy and the President is in effect forced to pick a prime minister from among his opponents under these circumstances.

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Q: What kind of government does France have?
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What kind of government did France have in the middle ages?

France was a feudal monarchy.

What kind of government does Paris have?

Paris is located in France. The government of France is a unitary semi- presidential constitutional republic government. The mayor of France in 2014 was Anne Hidalgo.

What kind of government exists in France?

I believe its a parliamentary democracy

What kind of government did France have before the French Revolution?

A Monarchy.

What kind of government did France have before their revolution?

An absolute monarchy.

What type of government does France has today?

semi- presidential so kind of a democracy and kind of a republic.

Is France a monarchy or republic or other kind of government?

Right now, it is a democracy.

What kind of government did France turn into?

France has had a number of governments, from absolute monarchy to republic to modern democracy; can you be more specific with your question?

What is the government style of France?

The government of France is a republic.

Does France have a communist government?

No, France does not have a communist government.

What was the government of France in the 1500s?

France had a government, with a king. Yeah.

What kind of government was France after the defeat and abdication of Napoleon?

It returned to a Bourbon Monarchy under Louis XVIII.

What kind of government did France have in the 1600's?

France had an absolute monarch Louis XIV was a divine right king. also called "the sun king"

How is the government in France chosen?

France is a democracy, the government is chosen by election.

Is France run by a big central government or smaller government?


What was the name of the German government in southern France?

France government was Vichy

What government did France have after ww1?

they had a government like America but America was and is still better then france

What is the France's government?

The government of France is republican

What is France government like today?


Which country has a unitary government?

Cuba, Japan, UK, and Saudi Arabia have a unitary government, but France does not really have a unitary government.

Is there a way to change the government in France?

France is a democracy. So they can change the government by having elections.

Is France federal?

No. France has a central government and is not a federation.

Can France choose their government?

Yes. France is a democracy.

Province government in France?

In France there are Régions and Départements.

What type of government did France have in 1914?

In 1914 France had a republican government in place. This is still the type of government that is in place in the country today.