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Puerto Rico has a republican form of government with separation of powers modeled on the US Constitutional, with an elected bicameral legislature, an independent judiciary and an elected executive. As an unincorporated territory of the United States organized as a Commonwealth, the powers of its government are delegated by the Congress of the US and are not under the full protection of the US Constitution.

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Q: What kind of government does Puerto Rico have?
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What kind of government did the US impose on Puerto Rico?

The government of Puerto Rico is a republican form of government with separation of powers, subject to the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the United States.

What is Puerto Rico's government's name?

The Government of Puerto Rico have two official names. The first one: Government of Puerto Rico; and the second one: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In Spanish: 'Gobierno de Puerto Rico' or 'Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico'.

Who controls Puerto Rico?

The united states government, but their is a goveanor in puerto rico that is in charge of everything that happens in puerto rico.

What types of government does Puerto Rico have?

Puerto Rico has a republican form of government, similar to that of the United States of which it is a part.

When was Puerto Rico Government Development Bank created?

Puerto Rico Government Development Bank was created in 1942.

Does Puerto Rico have monarchy government?

No. Puerto Rico has a government similar to the US with an elected governor, and an elected bicameral legislature.

What is its goverentment Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rican government is a republic.

Who pays for education in Puerto Rico?

Practically the Federal Government and the taxpayers that live in Puerto Rico.

Does Puerto Rico extend benefits to same-sex partners of government employees?

No. Puerto Rico does not.

What is Puerto Rico Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or, in Spanish El Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, is the official name of the government of the unincorporated US territory on the island of Puerto Rico.

What type of government is Puerto Rico?


What is Puerto Rico's government type?

A Republic.

What kind of rainfalls are in Puerto Rico?

In puerto rico it rains super hard but it is beautiful and fun to run in!

What kind of climate does Puerto Rico have?


What kind of landform is Puerto Rico?

It is an Island.

What kind of transportation does Puerto Rico have?


What kind of birds are in Puerto Rico?

you tell me

How is winter in Puerto Rico?

it is kind of hot

Who is the present prime minister of puerto rico?

Puerto Rico does not have a prime minister. The governor is the head of the government in Puerto Rico. Alejandro García Padilla is the current governor.

What kind of traditions do puerto ricans attend?

What are the traditions of puerto rico?

Is Puerto Rico a country or a state?

Puerto Rico is a country , not a state , even though is a U.S. territory , a country is supposed to have a government and its own language , Puerto Rico has that. Puerto Rico wouldn't be a country if it didn't have its own government and language.

Is Puerto Rico apart of USA?

Puerto Rico is a part of the United States of America because it is a Commonwelath of the United States of America. But, Puerto Rico as a Commonwealth has its own government, Meaning that Puerto Rico selfs governs itself. Puerto Rico also speaks Spanish, not English, and Puerto Rico is a part of Latin America. So, even though Puerto Rico is a part of USA it has its own laws, culture, language, government, etc. That is why Puerto Rico is considered a country to most of the world.

Who is Puerto Rico dictator?

Puerto Rico does not have a dictator. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth (but not a state) of the United States. I believe it has a governor, but that is about it.

What type of government dose puerto rico have?


What is the title of the head government in Puerto Rico?