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The good kind! Dark green leaves..

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Q: What kind of green leaves do catapillars eat besides cabbage leaves?
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What do catapillars eat?

They all seem to eat my cabbages actually!

What part of purple cabbage do you eat?

You eat the leaves of the purple cabbage, just as with the green cabbage.

What is the definition of choy?

A Chinese cabbage forming an open head with long white stalks and green leaves.

What is the similarity between spinach cabbage and lettuce?

No, lettuce and cabbage are two different vegetables. Lettuce leaves are a little more green in color and not as firm as cabbage leaves, which are generally lighter in color, unless is it red cabbage.

What is the nutritional difference between red and green cabbage?

well red cabbage is red and the green cabbage is green the nutritional way is that the red cabbage is better for you then green cabbage lol bye bye

What are the classification of pechay?

leche ka gago ka

What does cabbage look like?

A cabbage ball kind of looks like lettuce except in ball form.

What are the characteristics of cabbage?

Cabbage is a green leafyvegetable.

What leaves can guinea pigs eat?

CAUTION do not feed your guineas pigs red lettuce or cabbage green is the fav for g piggies

Can you substitute red cabbage for green cabbage in vegetable beef soup?

Yes, you can. Red or green cabbage can be used in vegetable soup.

What is napa cabbage?

Napa or nappa cabbage (Brassica rapa pekinensis) is a member of the mustard, or Brassicaceae, family. It is a type of Chinese cabbage that is also known as Peking cabbage, Chinese leaf, celery cabbage, wong nga bok, siu choy, hakusai, pechay, tsina, and pai-tsai. The name "nappa" comes from Japanese, where nappa (菜っ葉) refers to leafy green vegetables. The flavor is sweeter than green cabbage. The leaves are long and crispy.

What vegetables is green?