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What kind of group is a goat in?

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a herd, tribe or trip

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What kind of animal group is a goat from?

undulate i believe

What is a goat group called?

a goat group would be considered a herd or at least thats the way i learned it

Group of Goat?

A herd.

What is a group for a goat?


Which group of animals does a goat fall into?

A goat is a mammal, ruminant, herbivore, ungulate

Is a goat a person place or thing?

a goat is a kind of animal - a thing

What is a group of goat called?

a herd

How many acers of grass do you need for 1 or 4 goats?

That depends on what kind of goat, how fat the goat is, how old the goat is, if the goat is sick, and how hungry the goat is.

What animal group does the goat belongs to?


What is group of goat called?

A herd of goats.

What is a group of a goat?

I think "A herd of goats".

What kind of mammal is goat?

Its a mammal

What kind of goat does not smell?


What kind of goat is a milk goat?

A milk goat is normally a dairy goat of which there are many breeds eg Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, Anglo Nubians

What is the term used for a group of goat?

A herd of goats.

What term is used to name a group of goat?

A herd.

How tall do goats get?

Depends on what kind of goat.

What is called in which goat stay and what is group?

Pen or paddock - a herd.

What kind of animal is a chupacabra?

It appears to be related to a goat.

What kind of animals lives in a mountain?

A mountain goat.

What kind of live stocks are raised in Hawaii?


What kind of animals faint when thay get scared?


What kind of animal eats a grow cabbage?


Which is the best kind of goat of the world?

The best goat in Pakistan is known as KAMORI. Its the tallest, heaviest and full of meat, beautiful kind and the most popular one we have here.

What kind of fabrics are made from goat hair?

three kinds of fabric made from goat hair: mohair, angora and cashmere

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